Why You Should Never Attract Relationships By Flaunting Money

Why You Should Never Attract Relationships Through Money
Why You Should Never Attract Relationships Through Money

By Anubhav Srivastava (Register For His Workshop Super Confidence For Super Success Here)

Most people try to attract personal or professional relationships into their life through by flaunting their riches or pretending to be rich even if they are not. However, if you want a genuine relationship or friendship in your life, wanting to attract solely by showing off your wealth is a horrible idea. Here is why.

This is going to be a very short post as I do not need to write a long one to make my point. In fact, all I will do here is to tell you a short true story from my college days in America and that itself should suffice.

This story is about a guy in my college in America who was quite below average looking, in fact a lot of women even told him he was ugly. This guy kept crying “Whenever I want to approach a woman they just turn me down saying I am ugly”

The situation was quite sad for him. Now one day he did something that changed it all. His father worked in the UN and apparently there was some arrangement for UN employees where Employees and their kin can get a Bank Loan WITHOUT Collateral.


So this guy too a bank loan

And brought a brand new, beautiful Car.

And then he went in that that Car to a Girls high school

After a couple of minutes, a girl came up to him and asked, “Is that your car?”

The guy smiled and said with the widest of grins – “YUP!!”

The girl said – “You are Cute, do you want to hang out?”

And that is how Mr. Ugly became Mr. Cute overnight 


The next day he was jumping around screaming with joy telling everyone about his experience with the girl that night,  so we have a good reason to believe he got lucky!

As an overweight teenager who had no girlfriend at that point, I thought to myself “Wow! Now I need to get an expensive car too!”  Unfortunately my father was not in the UN so that option was not available  to me 😛

Coming back to our friend, our friend really had his lady luck change because the young lady wanted to be with him so the guy had a girlfriend for the first time in his life.

Finally the two got engaged.

What a fairy tale with a happy ending for the couple. The guy got what he wanted and the girl did too!


Or did they really?

When the couple got engaged, the guy gave her a diamond ring, again taken via a loan. But after a while, the girl figured out the guy wasn’t as rich as he pretended to be. So she left him and took the ring with her!

This poor guy was left stranded.

Now a loan needs to be repaid  and he didn’t have a well enough paying job that would do so, in some time the creditors came and took his car away as well.

The guy was left with no girl, no car, no diamond ring, no money and a lot of embarrassment

Don’t pretend to be what you are not for short term gains, the long term result isn’t worth it. If you attract people only on the basis of the money, they are going to leave you when the money isn’t there.

If you have to fake things to give the illusion of being rich or being someone you are not, in the short term you may make all these amazing “friendships” but you will make those friendships on a weak pillar that can fall down anytime.

Even if you really are rich and attract friendships only because of your money, you will only meet the wrong kinds of friends who were never friends at all.

Attract friendships/relationships with your personality and your character and by being a great human being. It will be much more difficult to attract others when you don’t use money to do it and you will attract far fewer people, but guess what, the people you attract based on those qualities will genuinely like you for you and stick by you through the worst of times (if you don’t hurt them). Ultimately this is what a real relationship is!

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