How To Give A Memorable Speech: The Only Key You Need To Remember.

How To Give A Memorable Speech: The Only Key You Need To Remember.


By Anubhav Srivastava (Register for his Confidence Building Workshop Here!)

How to Give a Memorable Speech? Most people, even those who are afraid of public speaking would like to some day give a speech that tremendously inspires people. They would love to give a speech that engages others and makes them pay attention with complete awe, instead of being bored. They would love to give a speech where they captivate the audience, inspire them into action and receive a huge round of applause. They would love to receive a standing ovation that is genuine, they would love to receive appreciation not because of mere formality but because their speech genuinely touched the audience’s heart.

Yet, most people give a sort of speech that bores the audience to death. Some people are generally disinterested in long speeches and even if you are the best speaker they are still going to appear bored and disinterested. That’s okay, you cannot expect everyone in the room or event to stand up and take notice and if you are in a teaching environment, let’s admit it, some of what you will say will be boring just because the content of the course requires teaching theory. Theory is mostly boring. Story is what captivates people!.

If you ask most people what the key to a memorable speech is. They will have different answers such as.

Eye Contact
The Right Voice Modulation
Voice Clarity
The Right Body Language – Mostly Loud
Walking Around Instead of Standing in Just One Place
Avoiding filler words like uhmm aahs
Giving thoughtful pauses
Being Theatrical and Dramatic

I want to tell you that none of these are the keys to to a memorable speech.

These are all techniques for a good presentation, but that does not necessarily make it memorable.

You can have all the above things however, if the lack that one key, your speech will never really make a difference to anyone.

If you have that key, you can be imperfect on all the other things but your speech will still deeply touch people’s hearts and be incredibly powerful.

So what is the key?

Give a Message  Which Impacts People on a Deep, Emotional level And Compels Them to Take Action.

This is obviously easier said than done, but ultimately this is the key.


Take a look at all the public speaking competitions out there. Or the public speaking World Championships. Most of these speakers are remarkable from a technical point of view. Their presentations are picture perfect. They walk and talk with grace and their performance is almost theatrical. Like they are performers in a play. It looks beautiful!

But does anyone remember what they had to say or take home anything meaningful from their speeches? I think very few people would do so.

On the other hand take a look at speakers in TED talks. Most of them are not professional speakers. From a technical point of view, many are “average.” In a public speaking class that is often evaluated on the techniques mentioned above, they would probably not get a very high score. But they are getting millions of views, because they are memorable. They are memorable because they are in TED’s words “IDEAS worth spreading”.

Take a look at some of the most memorable speeches in History by Martin Luther King or John F. Kennedy or any world leader you admire. They all impart messages that move you emotionally and compel you to take action.


They plant your mind with MESSAGES, but they use an emotional and engaging way to do it that moves the audience. Because the message is so powerful and told in an emotional way, it becomes an idea planted in your head and heart. Those are the kinds of speeches that end up being remembered. No wonder they become so popular.

I am not asking you to ignore technique. Technique has its advantages but it is just a supplement. It is not the meat and bones of your speech. The meat and bones is the core message you want to share with people that impacts them emotionally. Even without the technique, your speech can still be effective and memorable. With technique of course, you decorate your message better!

In a classroom setting or when you deliver formal lectures/workshops that last for a longer time, it is harder to get a message across in an emotional way, but even in that environment, you can share some sort of a story, activity or inspirational message every now and then, that leaves the audience with some emotional satisfaction, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your speech.

So my final message to you in this short article is this: Have the confidence that you don’t need to be the most skilled public speaker to make an impact on people. You just need share a message that will change people’s lives. Get a message worth spreading. Go out there, share your message confidently in a way that emotionally charges people and ask them to take action! You and your speech will be a hit!


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