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Imagine that you really like someone but are afraid to approach them. As a result, someone else asks them out and you are left alone. How does that pain feel?

Imagine if you want a raise but you are too meek to ask your boss for it. As a result you continue working for a pay that is too low even though you know you deserve much better. How does that feel?

Imagine that you are supposed to give a presentation for your job or business. But due to your lack of confidence you either totally flop in that presentation, or worse, never deliver it at all. As a result your colleague steps in, delivers with confidence and gets all the appreciation and rewards, even if you end up doing the work. You end up getting nothing matter how hard you work, how does that feel?

Now Imagine A future where things have changed.

Imagine that you confidently walk up to the person you like and strike up a conversation without appearing desperate. If they are receptive to you, you  take things further step by step and even have a romantic relationship eventually. If they are not that receptive you pursue them gently and they end up changing their mind. If nothing else, because you do not appear desperate, even if they say no you still have your dignity and respect intact.

Imagine that you become aware of ever single indispensable thing you do for your company and start believing in your value. Based on the value you are providing to your company, you confidently but politely walk up to your boss and tell them you want a raise. The decision may be in the hands of your boss but at least you had the guts to ask for what you wanted and now have a good chance of getting a raise compared to earlier when it was zero!

Imagine that you walk on the stage or in your company’s boardroom, knowing you have done a great job at creating your presentation. Self assured, you begin your speech and even if it is a presentation based on facts, you narrate it like a beautiful story and mesmerize your colleagues and superiors and leave them speechless. At the end they all get up and applaud. You get the accolades, the credits and the rewards you always deserved.

Too good to be true? Not at all. All of this is extremely achievable. If you are committed and apply the things I am going to teach you, the future scenario is exactly what things are going to be like. I am going to teach you all of this and much more in my one day motivational workshop on Building Life Long Self Confidence.


What Change Can You Expect From This Workshop If You Apply What You Learn?

You will become better at Public Speaking/Presenting. As a result your ability to influence many people through your words will grow and that can lead to tremendous professional progress.

You will become better at Social Interaction. So you will experience more professional success through networking and connections and also can build more meaningful friendships in your personal life.

You will learn how to  Approach Busy And Famous People effortlessly. The kind of leverage you can get through a recommendation/ participation of a famous person is extremely useful for your success and credibility.

You will start overcoming Your Fear Of Judgment from others. There is no limit to what you can achieve once you overcome the fear of rejection and people’s opinions. You will march forward confidently without letting others’ negativity affecting you.

You will learn Life Changing Psychological Strategies To Build Super Confidence

You will shatter most of the limiting beliefs holding you back in life.

You will learn how to Promote yourself without appearing arrogant or pushy.

You will learn how to retain your self confidence even in a negative environment.

You will learn how to avoid crossing into overconfidence.

You will learn how to achieve your biggest dreams without taking dangerous risks.

And much more mind blowing stuff! Some things need to be kept a secret 😉



Free One on One Consultation. Pick any one problem area of your life and ask me a question about it. I will give you the best possible solution I can to the problem if I believe I am qualified enough to answer it. If not, you can present a different question. Normal charges for such a consultation are Rs. 1000.

3 Complete Videos of my Motivational Seminars at Ramkrishna Mission, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited and MTNL worth Rs. 2000

Free DVD of The Movie Carve Your Destiny Worth Rs. 800  (Although the movie itself is worth 30 lakhs in production costs and Priceless when it comes to what you learn from it!)

FREE Ebook: Inspirational Quotes For Amazing Success: Worth Rs. 200

The total is worth Rs. 4000, more than the cost of the workshop itself!
Who Am I and what are my Credentials?

I, Anubhav Srivastava am a filmmaker, author and motivational speaker. I hold a postgraduate degree from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom. I have been involved in study and research on the field of personal development and success since 2007.

I produced and directed the movie Carve Your Destiny, first of its kind inspirational movie featuring some of the most famous and successful personalities from diverse fields who teach the viewers how they too can make all their dreams come true. It has received over 1.1 million views on Youtube and consistently ranks among the top positions on Youtube worldwide for Inspirational Movies and Inspirational Documentaries.

For this movie I interviewed legends such as Mr. LK Advani, Kiran Bedi, Shiv Khera, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and 17 other famous people. I also interacted with the great Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.


With the Late APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India



With Mr. L K Advani, Former Deputy Prime Minister of India



Interacting with Dr. Kiran Bedi
Interacting with Dr. Kiran Bedi



shiv khera
Interviewing Mr. Shiv Khera, Internationally acclaimed author and motivator.



With Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, one of India's richest women
With Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, one of India’s richest women


I am also the creator of This is an Inspirational Blog about all things related to Personal Development and Self Improvement. The website has been listed amongst the Top 100 Productivity Blogs in the World by FeedSpot and gets over 50,000 Page Views per month.

I am also a Motivational Speaker. I regularly speak at organizations across India and do motivational workshops. I offer talks or workshops on a variety of other subjects related to Leadership, Motivation, Overcoming Failure, Productivity, Mental Mastery, Happiness, Business, Relationships etc.

I have spoken at prestigious institutions such as IIM Indore, one of India’s Top Business Schools, All India Management Association, Telecom Consultants of India Limited, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, MTNL, Ramakrishna Mission and many other organizations. I have also trained people belonging to organizations such as KPMG,  Star Union Dai-Ichi Insurance, Center of Development of Telematics (C-Dot), Telexcell, NTPC. I have also trained students of IIT Madras, IIT BHU, National Cadet Corps, Institute of Chartered Accountants and many more.

At IIM Indore


Delivering a Talk At Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited.



Conducted Training At MTNL
Conducted Training At MTNL



Invited As a Judge for Naswiz’s Public Speaking Meet


I have been featured several times in International and Indian media outlets such as BBC, Times of India, Hindustan Times,, Indian Express, The New Indian Express, The Hindu, The Tribune, The Statesmen, 93.5 Red FM and many others.


Interview With The Hindu


Dainik Jagran 14th Aug, 2016
Dainik Jagran 14th Aug, 2016






Feature in The Hindustan
Feature in The Hindustan







“The workshop was too good and help for young people like us. In the Future I would love to attend more of your workshops.”

Krishna Dutt Maurya – Institute of Chartered Accountants.


“I am pleased to share my views about the workshop. I had decided to join and came all the way from Chennai.

Words are not just enough to describe how I had enjoyed the workshop. Though it was nine hours long It was awakening, inspiring and absolutely awesome. Transformation of skills into success and ideas into reality changed the meaning of success for me. My expectations were meet very well and I learned a lot of strategies to become confident to reach my goal. After coming back I did several practical exercise to implement what I learnt from the workshop.

Actually, people do whatever they love. They love whatever they know. People know whatever they learn and finally it comes to entrepreneurship. I recommended the such workshop to all those who want to to leave the past behind and create their own universe, recognize their potential, make the best use of their abilities and be a complete man from both professional and personal perspectives.”

Dr. Soumik Bardhan
SERB-National Post Doctoral Fellow
Indian Institute of Technology Madras


“Hello Anubhav! Thanks for the wonderful session, it was great to learn some practical tips to enhance one’s confidence and esp retaining one’s self confidence even in a negative environment. Throughout the sessions, you were very engaging and able to address situational issues and made it interesting.

I specially liked the Psychological Strategies to Build Super Confidence and this will surly make a difference in my life.

Great to see that your work is making a difference in people’s life through your inspirational blogs and motivational movies. Thanks for your contribution

Looking forward for your more similar sessions in future, keep posing the development so that this can be made available to my team, family and friends”

Pravin Gupta. Manager IGS, KPMG


“I came all the way from the way from Hyderabad to attend this workshop and it exceeded my expectations greatly!

It was very interesting, exciting, enlightening & useful!

Great Opportunity to hear new ideas of building confidence. It was well worth the time. Would be interested in attending more.

Last but not the least “I AM THE GREATEST!!”

Murali Krishna Bukhya
Indian Institute of Technology, BHU


“I am Devesh Sinha, Regional Head, Star Union Dai-Ichi Insurance. I attended the program of Anubhav Srivastava, it’s a very good program from a motivational point of view, especially for our front line sales people who are often demotivated when they fail to achieve their targets so this Confidence boosting program will be highly beneficial for those kinds of people.

I really enjoyed the program and am thankful to have a chance to attend this program with Anubhav.”

Devesh Sinha
Regional Head, Star Union Dai-Ichi Insurance.


This workshop has benefited me greatly both personally and professionally. It helped me regain my confidence and also taught and helped me put into action very simple ways of regaining self motivation. It has given me a new direction which will help me a lot.  I will immediately implement the lessons learnt in this workshop and share with others how this can help them personally and professionally. Thank you so much Anubhav for this amazing and refreshing workshop. It has been very very inspirational to me!
Sonu Ghai, DGM Sales Training, Exide Life Insurance

The workshop was really fabulous. Not only did I learn many of the success factors when it comes to building confidence,  I also learned how to implement them in my personal life and professional life and build up a SUCCESSFUL LIFE in all aspects! That is my biggest gain in today’s workshop and it is really going to help me Carve My Destiny. I also feel that like Anubhav has already impacted a million lives through his movie Carve Your Destiny, eventually he will impact a billion lives!
Arijit Sammadar, IT Initiative Manager, Mother Dairy


I have been trying to attend this workshop for the past six months but I finally made it today and I am very happy! I am sure I am going to Carve my own destiny. I will apply all the amazing things I learnt today in my daily life. This workshop is going to help me tremendously in the long run and I know I will achieve much greater heights!!
Navnit Pandita, Head – IT, Mother Dairy


First of all when I decided to attend this workshop, I was a little confused whether it was the right decision or not. But now I feel so satisfied mentally, emotionally and professionally! It’s amazing that even at my age I have gained so many useful things from this workshop and I feel you really are an inspirational figure! Great Work!
Seema Dhir, Professor, Punjab Agriculture University.


The workshop was really phenomenal. It is going to create a long lasting impact on my life. My decision to attend this workshop was absolutely right because it is going to help me in so many aspects of life when it comes to confidence and public speaking. It is going to lead to long term change for me and I am going to suggest other people to go for your workshop because I can testify that it has been so beneficial to me!

Shayna Arora, Investment Manager, iVentures Capital.


Common Concerns

1) “This looks great but a One Day workshop isn’t enough for sustained change.”


For those who are thinking of joining, but worry about the long term benefits of this workshop, let me tell you how I am going to help you with that.

Apart from an emotional, engaging, information and fun filled experience that will make you feel super motivated, I will give you detailed handouts  which you can use to practice these tips over and over again. I will also give you a lot of the lessons mentioned in PDF format. The material I give you will be so effective that as long as you are committed to implementing them, you will experience tremendous progress.

You can also follow up with me on email and I will try to help you out as and when I can. For my course to be a success in my eyes, I want you to all to succeed and get results in the long term!

Furthermore, you can come to any workshop you have previously attended again and get a refresher course for a very nominal charge that just covers the food and venue costs.

Finally should you want more help, you can go for one on one focused coaching.  If you sign up early you get the first coaching session as a bonus for FREE.  Furthermore, anyone who signs up to any of my workshops or courses  can avail access to me for one on one coaching  for a lower price than what I charge from other clients.

All of this is going to ensure that the one time investment you make in this workshop pays off many times over in the long run. So what are you waiting for? Email me back if you are in Delhi and ready to sign up.



“Can’t I find this information on the Internet?”

Can you learn swimming by reading a book about it?

The internet is all about theory. This workshop will have some theory but it will also  create a fun, engaging, emotional experience that includes many activities will practically teach you things that will make you more confident instantly AS WELL as maintaining confidence in the long run

Also, the information on the internet is so disorganized that you are likely to become overwhelmed with the huge amounts of disorganized content available to you. Learning from experiences also take years and years. Remember, the most valuable asset you have is TIME, not money. There is no glory wasting your precious life trying to learn something on your own and when you could easily learn it through a practical course in a shorter time.

Imagine you practically apply everything you learned, even if it is because you value your money. As a consequence you actually make the commitment for permanent change and build lifelong self confidence that pays off in all areas of your life (Relationships, Jobs, Business, Respect in Society) , wouldn’t the small investment be worth it?

The answer is Of Course!


I am ready! What are the costs?

The cost of the workshop is planned at Rs. 5000 per person but if you register now you get an EARLY BIRD price of Rs. 3700. Students can get a discount if they have a valid student ID card. The early bird price for students is Rs. 2700.

The costs include lunch and snacks for the day, plus the material I give you to take home, plus this awesome training plus Rs. 4000 worth of  Limited Time bonuses that includes one FREE one on one coaching session with me!

To ensure that the participants are serious, the fees would have to be paid in advance. In the unlikely event that the event is cancelled I will refund the entire amount. Alternatively, you can avail the option to attend the workshop when it is scheduled again.

If You are interested to attend, kindly get back in touch with me. If you are interested but have some specific concerns  that make you reluctant to sign up immediately, again you can message me at or and we can see if something can be worked out.



In order to make a payment please make a deposit of 3700 via bank transfer and email me a screenshot of the transaction at  To avail the student discount, please email a picture of your current student ID card to me first and then make the payment of Rs 2700.

To register or for any questions, email  As I said above, if you want to attend but have any specific concerns stopping you, please message me so that we can work something out.

I am also available for one on one coaching or corporate engagements. Please send an email to the same address if you are interested in that.


Feel like You Want To Get To Know Me More Before You Register?

Then Check out my film Carve Your Destiny which is the number one ranked inspirational movie on Youtube Worldwide. With over a Million views and unanimously positive comments, this movie is sure to motivate you tremendously.  Best of all it is FREE! But be sure to set aside 90 minutes and watch it all in one go!

Also check out my hundreds of articles on this blog which are filled with loads of FREE inspirational content that could fill a few books!