Build Extreme Self Confidence Through Autosuggestion

Build Extreme Self Confidence Through Autosuggestion


Build Extreme Self Confidence Through Autosuggestion


By Anubhav Srivastava – Sign up for my confidence building workshop here.

By Anubhav Srivastava (Register for his Confidence Building Workshop Here!)

I am going to be sharing with you another unbelievably powerful method to build extreme self confidence. This method is called Autosuggestion

How many of you have had of this term?

For those who may not have heard of it, let me explain to you what it basically means.  The basic idea behind this is that the mind can be programmed just like a computer. A computer is programmed through coding and the human mind can be programmed through suggestions.

So what is a suggestion? A suggestion is basically an advice or idea put into your conscious or subconscious mind through the environment around you.

So if you grow up in an environment where you mostly meet people who insult you an make you feel like you are worthless, that’s a negative suggestion. If you hear it long enough, you are likely to start believing it.

If you are in an environment where people are always encouraging you and making you feel like you are special you are receiving positive suggestion. If you hear it long enough you are again likely to start believing it.

This is why I talked about changing your environment if you can in one of my previous articles.


The power of suggestion has also been recognized widely in the medical community where it is called a Placebo effect.

In World War Two, the wounded soldiers were often given Morphine Injections because that was a pain killer. It so happened that morphine supplies started to run out. Annoyed by a soldiers’ cries for morphine, one nurse administered salt water to them. Unbelievably for many soldiers, the pain actually died down!

There was also an instance where 56 people volunteered to have their fingers clamped painfully in a medical trial. They were then administered a painkiller called Trivaricaine on one of the fingers. Many volunteers reported that the pain went down in the finger where Trivaricaine was applied. But Trivaricaine was no painkiller at all. It was a fake drug and yet for many it still worked!

The medical community has recognized this effect to such a degree that now whenever new drugs are tested, they are actually tested alongside similar looking placebo drugs in order to see whether or not the real drugs actually produce a result greater than what the placebos produce. If they don’t perform much better than placebos, they are not approved!


We can see how suggestion or placebo can be incredibly powerful. So what is an autosuggestion? Auto Suggestion is simply a suggestion that you give to yourself instead of that suggestion coming from someone else. Hence the prefix “Auto”

You may have heard people like Muhammad Ali proclaim to themselves over an over again that they are the greatest.

You may also have hear people like Shah Rukh Khan proclaim over and and over again that they are the best.

Their statements might sound a little arrogant, but what they actually are autosuggestions. In fact Muhammad Ali started calling himself the greatest even before he had made any accomplishment in the ring. He himself said “I started calling myself the greatest even before I knew I was!”

Why did he do so? Because he knew that if he kept repeating it long enough he would start believing it. And once he started believing it, he would win half the battle before even stepping into the ring. Because only people who believe that something is possible put in the effort to make that thing possible. The ones who don’t believe something is possible defeat themselves much before the battle even starts.

So how do we build extreme self confidence through autosuggestion?

Here is an exercise I would like you to do. It is through affirmations, in other words repeating a set of words to yourself until you believe in them.  Muhammad Ali said “It is the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief and when that belief becomes a conviction, things begin to happen.”

Do keep in mind that doing this exercise just once or a few times or an irregular basis won’t cut it. Would you expect to build a good body by working out once or twice or five times an year? How can you expect mental exercises to be any different? Success of any kind requires sustained commitment to whatever you are doing. Make sure you do this exercise on a regular basis if you desire and realistically expect a long term result

Before you begin, please also read up the article “An Amazing Psychological Tactic for Self Confidence” and understand the concept of subjective reality. You don’t have to believe everything that the theory suggests, just be open to the application of the idea when it comes to self confidence.

Be open to the idea that you are the most significant thing in the universe, because it is your mind that creates the universe around you. If there was no you, there would be nothing else in existence either (from your point of view)

So, sit in a dimly lit room. If possible put on a soothing music, preferably some kind of meditation music.

Now close your eyes and gently slow down your breathing. Take a long deep breath as slowly as possible and then exhale as slowly as possible


Ideally you want the process to go like this.

Inhale for at least five seconds.

Hold your breath for at least five seconds

Exhale for five seconds or more

Hold your breath for five seconds

Repeat this process for a minute or two or as long as it takes you to start feeling relaxed.  But ensure you do not get sleepy.

Now, remind yourself. that you are the hero of your life. In fact talk to yourself mentally.

Repeat in your head.

“I am the hero of my own life.

Everybody else is a character in the story called my life. But the story exists because of me.

Even if I meet people who try to bring me down or laugh at me, they are just characters in my story. I am the hero of my story. I am the master of my life

No matter what happens in my life, I am the most significant being in the universe because it is my consciousness that allows the universe to exist for me.”

It is extremely important that when you say this, you actually say it genuine emotion. The exercise is of little value is you repeat these words mindlessly without attaching meaning to them. Only when you actually believe what you say or at least try to believe what you say is this useful.

I will tell you one way you can fill your words with emotion. It is by visualizing whatever you are saying. When you say the words, I am the hero of my life, actually imagine a movie that revolves around you and where you are the central character in that movie that is of most importance. When you say you are the center of the universe, actually imagine that to be true. Imagine everything that exists revolving around you.


Now pick one specific thing in your life that you want to change.

It can be anything. Construct a sentence around it. For example:

“I am the Greatest Public Speaker in The World”

“I am incredibly Charismatic. Everyone Loves Me”

” People are attracted to me like a magnet”

Or any thing else of your choice.


Pick a sentence that represents what you want in life, pretend it is already true and fuel it with lots of emotion and visualization.

You can also say those words out aloud and keep repeating them with more and more intensity and volume.

Keep repeating those words until you believe them from the core of your heart to be true! Do it for as long as it takes!

And once you do, open your eyes and get to work!

Extreme Self Confidence wins you half the battle. Extreme Dedication and Hard Work Will Win You the Other half!




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