An Amazing Psychological Tactic For Super Confidence

An Amazing Psychological Tactic For Super Confidence


By Anubhav Srivastava (Register For His Workshop – Super Confidence For Super Success !)


Let me share with you an amazing psychological tactic for super confidence. If applied properly and in the right environment can tremendously boost your levels of self esteem

Some of you may grasp this concept quicker than everyone else, some of you may have a hard time accepting it because of conditioning from the environment. But I know this method can be of tremendous value if applied intelligently. And this method can also backfire if you apply it like a moron!

But let me warn you that this root idea behind this tactic might sound crazy to some of you, because frankly,  it kind of is.  Only if you are extremely open minded to different philosophies about the very nature of existence itself, would I suggest you to proceed.

So, why people suffer from low self esteem in the first place? Well there are a variety of reasons why they do so but perhaps one of the biggest reasons is that  they perceive the world and the universe as this huge place where they are a tiny little insignificant character.

Many of you will say, “Well isn’t that true? Isn’t the universe and the world this huge place where things are happening on a gigantic proportion every second? Are you not a tiny little character who just came into existence several years ago and will go out of existence whenever you die, and the world will keep moving on as usual?”

That is true if you believe in something that is called an Objective Reality.

What is Objective Reality? Objective reality is basically believing in the world and the universe as we see it. You exist, your friends exist, your enemies exist. The sun exists, the moon exists, the entire universe exists and you are a little dot in that universe that nobody cares about.

Some of you might be thinking, are you nuts? Isn’t that obvious that all of these things exist?

Well let me ask you this question that some of you may have heard of.

If a Tree Falls in a Forest and you are not there to hear it. Does it Still Make a Sound?

Think about it real hard. If you are not there to hear it fall, does it still make a sound?

Now lets go really deep (crazy in the eyes of many of you!)

If you are not there to see it fall, does that tree even exist?

Some of  you might say that you can prove the tree exists by going to the place where it exists. Fair enough. But what happens when you move out of the area again. Can you say the tree still exists or does the tree only begin to exist FOR YOU when you come close to it and sense its presence.

In other words, does that tree really exist, or does your consciousness create that tree for you?

Some of you might say, “Well I can prove the tree exists by recording a video or clicking a picture of it.”

But then the question arises, does that video of tree existing and falling ITSELF exist or make any sense if your consciousness was not there to interpret the content of the video?

You might think this is some really crazy mumbo jumbo and people who believe in this sort of nonsense must really belong to some sort of a weird cult.

But this idea has actually been debated for ages in science and philosophy.

The belief that the universe exists whether we are there to experience it or not is called an Objective Reality. 

The belief that we and our mind create the universe around us and once we cease to exist, the universe ceases to exist is called A Subjective Reality.

In fact the great scientists Albert Einstein And Neils Bohr, one of the founding fathers Quantum Mechanics (If they existed! ) kept debating whether or not the moon existed is no one was looking at it. Einstein believed the moon existed even if nobody knew about it.

Bohr replied one could not prove that the moon existed without their senses intact because to prove the existence of the moon you need to be able to perceive the existence of the moon. Which is only possible through your senses! Even if you look at its pictures or infer its presence through scientific experiments, you again require your senses in order to come to a conclusion.

Some of you maybe mind blown, some of you may still not get it, and some of you might be thinking “I clicked on this article to become  more confident and now I am not even confident about whether or not people around me really exist!”

Relax. I am not asking you to embrace this point of view in all aspects of your life. One cannot disprove the existence of an Objective reality anyway.

However, the concept of a subjective reality has an incredible application when it comes to self confidence.

And here is the psychological tactic I want you to adopt every time you feel low:

I want you remind yourself and keep repeating yourself that you are the most important person in this entire universe.

Think about it – It is you and your brain that creates the universe in the first place and without your existence, the universe would cease to exist for you.

Does it not mean that you are the Center of the universe? Does it not mean that you are not an insignificant character in the grand scheme of things, you are actually the main character!

There was nothing before you were born and there will be nothing after you are gone. Whatever exists, is because of you.

The people around  you are the secondary characters. no matter how rich they appear, how good looking they appear, whether they are celebrities, whether they treat you with respect or disrespect, they are all minor characters. In fact, if we really took the subjective reality philosophy literally,  the only reason they exist is because of you.

Here is how I want you to apply this tactic. I want you to close your eyes and remind yourself EVERY TIME you feel worthless and insignificant, that you are actually the most significant thing in the Universe.

And I want you to keep repeating it over and over again until you start believing it.

Muhammad Ali said that it is the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief and when that belief becomes a conviction, things begin to happen. He applied it himself by calling himself the greatest until he actually became the greatest.

How you can use affirmations and auto suggestions to build belief will be the subject of another article, but for now I just want you to let this idea sink in, that you really are the most important thing in the universe, from your point of view. Because IT IS TRUE whether you believe it or not.

If your life is a movie then then you are the writer, director and the hero of the movie called your life.

You will meet many characters in this movie who play the biggest supporting roles in the form of your true friends.

But you will also meet characters who are indifferent passers by, like extras in a movie.

And then you will also meet negative characters.  Some of them may laugh at you, some of them may try to pull you down. Some of them might play their dirty tricks to make you believe that you, the hero, is worthless.

But that’s what villains do. You are still the hero.

You can go through the most terrible times. You can go through times where it seems like nothing in life is working out. You may go through times where you feel like you have been robbed off your dignity. But you are still the hero.

Isn’t that what happens in movies?

Doesn’t the hero have to go through testing times where everybody mistreats him/her ?

Doesn’t the hero have to overcome unbelievable odds to achieve what they want?

Doesn’t the hero sometimes end up losing in his own story?

Of course! But he/she is still the hero.

You see, being the hero of your story does not mean you will always win, it means that no matter whether you win or lose, you are still incredibly special.

Because you my friend, are the central character of your life and the universe that you create for yourself. That ALONE sets you apart from EVERYONE else. Never let the negative, small time petty characters or villains make you believe otherwise.



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