How To Have Personal Growth: Eight Tips For Immense Self Improvement!

How To Have Personal Growth: Eight Tips For Immense Self Improvement!
How To Have Personal Growth: Eight Tips For Immense Self Improvement!

By Anubhav Srivastava. (Register For His Workshop – Super Confidence For Super Success)

Personal Growth or improvement simply refers to any kind of improvement you inculcate in yourself in any aspect of your life. Personal growth is incredibly important because as humans we are not meant to live and die like animals but to make a conscious decision to become a better version of yourselves every day, live happily in the moment and contribute something worthwhile to the world in the period we have on earth so that we can proudly say we lived a life worth living.

Here are eight great ways you can experience tremendous personal growth and become the best version of you.



Read a Lot:

No matter how intelligent the human mind is, it is going to remain ignorant unless it acquires knowledge. Intelligence and ignorance are two different things. One can remain ignorant despite being intelligent if he or she does not acquire knowledge. The best way to acquire knowledge is through a lot of reading. It does not matter what the subject is. If there is something that interests you and you want to experience great personal growth in that subject.

But what if you are not interested in reading? That’s ok, not everyone loves reading but that shouldn’t become an excuse not to acquire knowledge. You can learn a lot from so many other mediums such as speeches, discussions, online classes and documentaries/videos. Pick any medium you enjoy but commit to learning.

A great documentary for personal growth was incidentally made by yours truly and titled Carve Your Destiny. It has received close to a million views on Youtube and consistently ranks among the top spots when you search for Inspirational Movies on the site.  If personal growth interests you Be sure to check it out by clicking here!

Commit to Physical Fitness:

It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how much money you make, if you are not physically fit you are going to be miserable. It also does not matter how much popular media tries to convince you that being obese is okay. It is not, it is incredibly unhealthy. The idea of being comfortable in one’s own skin should not give you a license to ruin your own health.

By not taking physical fitness seriously, you are inviting a huge number of potential health problems to face in the future. While losing weight will not eliminate all health problems and there are certainly many problems not under your direct control. But losing weight is certainly going eliminate lessen many of your health worries. It is also going to make you much more confident and make you feel good mentally.

And if even this does not convince you, then this should. If you are intentionally sacrificing you health for money, then remember this, it does not matter how much money you make if you are not healthy because without physical fitness you won’t even stick around long enough in this world to reap the rewards of your hard work.

I myself used to be extremely overweight up until the age of 21 but I committed to lose weight and improve my life. And ever since I have lost the weight, I feel much better in almost all aspects of life. Read my story of losing weight here. 


Nurture Relationships:

One of the  most important things you can do for personal growth is to nurture relationships. I just don’t mean a relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend or husband or wife, although they are certainly important elements. By relationships I mean relationships in all areas, your relationship with your parents, your siblings, your children, your relatives, your friends and society in general.

Like health, relationships too are things to be nurtured and not to be ignored. If you take them for granted and start not valuing them or ignoring them, they are only going to get progressively worse.  If you chase only money or career success you might get it but you will become an empty shell of a human being because of the lack of genuine social connections. And do not mistake a relationship with networking.  There is a big difference between surface level networking and genuine meaningful connections where people love you so much, they are ready to do anything for you in need.

But that doesn’t happen automatically. Just like everything else, relationships too require an investment of time and effort for the bond to grow stronger. True relationships very rarely require an investment of money though. And if money is involved in your relationship, it may not be so genuine!

Push beyond your comfort zone

If you keep doing the same thing that you are used to, you may feel comfortable, but you will never realize the true potential of success that you can achieve by pushing beyond what you are comfortable. Progress requires some degree of discomfort. Your muscles wont grow unless you overload them with heavy weights and in many ways the same is true for life. If you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting what you have been getting.

Is it success you want? Realistically ask yourself are you working hard enough and are you working in the right direction? Or are you working intermittently only doing what you are comfortable with and yet waiting for a miracle to happen. Well things wont change unless you change, and your life will only be a miracle when you consciously work to create that miracle.

So for any sort of personal growth, always push beyond your comfort zone. You don’t need to push way beyond what you are capable but always keep trying new things and trying to better yourself in small increments. Over time those small increments will make you a giant and your life will start looking like a miracle to others.



Be open to new experiences.

Just as it is important to push beyond your comfort zone it is also important to be at least somewhat open to new experiences. Don’t worry I am not asking you to do something that goes totally against your values but if possible do not limit yourself with the experiences that you are already used to.

By being open you can acquire incredible experiences that you would never have had if you were close minded. And having new experiences is a very important part of personal growth.

Used to eating the same kinds of food everyday? – Try different cuisines or learn some recipes yourself

Live in the same city all the time? –  Change jobs and move to another city. If that is not possible, allocate some time every year to visit new places.

Hang out with the same people? – Join new social groups and associate with new people to form new experiences. This does not mean you ignore your old loyal friends/family though!

The point is if you are serious about personal growth, it won’t happen if you are not open to trying new things!

Face Your Fears

When you live without conquering your fear, your life is not very different from someone who chooses not to embrace new experiences. The only difference is that one is choosing not to and you cannot do so because you are forced to live an incomplete life as a result of that tiny little voice in your head. The voice of fear.

The mind is a great slave but a terrible master. The problem with the idea of living comfortably with some  fears is that it only gets worse, not better. You may think you are safe by not confronting your fears. You may not know it right now but your teaching your brain a habit, a habit of avoidance. And if you build up a habit of avoiding our fears, very soon your brain is going to create many more of them. Even new ones.

Luckily there is a way you can beat your fears. It is simple but not easy. It’s called an exposure. When you face your fear over and over again without running away from it, your mind realizes what you think is a threat is not really a threat. The more you put yourself directly in the face of fear, the quicker your fears fade away and you are able to do and enjoy the things you always wanted to.

Remember, this is simple but not easy. Ultimately it is all about courage and the burning desire to be able to live the life you want. Do you want to waste away your life being scared of everything or do you want to be able to enjoy and live every moment to the fullest? Make Your choice.



Venture out on your own

Becoming self employed or starting a business from scratch with little resources is tremendously scary, trust me. When you decide not to take up or decide to give up the safety of a stable job, it is scary and uncertain. Whilst earlier you would be assured of an income coming in, whether you worked hard or not, now you have to fight for every little bit. Similar to ancient hunters, you can now only eat when you kill.

But guess what, there is an excitement about venturing out on your own as compared to being a corporate slave for the rest of your life. It’s kind of like a pet bird in a cage versus an eagle flying high in the sky. The bird in the cage has an assured meal, it doesn’t have to worry about whether or not it will get to it and is essentially living a risk free life. But the cage is all the bird knows and will ever know. It may live a long life but it will be uneventful and monotonous.

The Eagle on the other hand has no idea when it will have its next meal and it will only get to eat when it manages to kill. But guess what, it is free. It gets to see the beauty of the world in its entirety. It gets to fly high with pride. It has the freedom to do what it wants whenever it wants.

When you live your life working for someone else forever, you are like a bird in the cage. When you venture out on your own you are like an eagle flying high in the sky. What you wish to be is your choice alone. For the sake of safety you continue to do what you are doing, but to truly experience the freedom, excitement and challenges of life, you will have to escape the cage.

Help People

Here is the deal, personal growth is incomplete without inclusive growth. Well what do I mean by that? You just cannot be the best version of you until you help people around you become the best versions of themselves as well. When you help others, it will make you feel amazing from inside, it will fill your heart with joy. If you don’t help people and do things only or yourself, even with all that money you will feel empty deep within, as if you have lived a purposeless life.

Now helping people does not always mean with money. It is really up to you. Some people help others by donating lots of money, others help by volunteering. I help people through my inspirational articles, my motivational films and by counselling them about their troubles. That is what I do best. Everyone has their strengths and unique abilities through which they can help others. You just got to pick what it is.

Regardless, just remember one thing. When you beat others at the race to the top, you may become “successful.” But when you lift them upward along with you, you become great. You become the embodiment of what a human life should be like. Your life is much more meaningful because you have empowered yourself to empower others.




I hope this article has been useful to you and the points mentioned have been tremendously useful in your journey of personal growth. The most important thing however, is to not just read but apply what you read. That is what will make all the difference. So apply these tips in your life and experience tremendous personal growth. Good luck!



About the Author

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