Not Investing In Learning Will HURT Your Business!

Investing in Learning whether for yourself or for your team to grow your business further is one of the absolute essentials if you want to keep winning. However, a lot of common flawed beliefs hold people back from investing in training. They may think they are taking the right decision but in the long term it is a form of suicide for their business, because any organization that doesn’t learn cannot grow.

Let’s demolish these false beliefs once and for all so that you know exactly why it is so important to invest in training.

Flawed Belief  1- Training is a scam. It doesn’t work.

Answer – Training doesn’t do the work. You have to do it. And you have to do it consistently over a long period of time to start seeing results. There is no magic pill. Anyone who promises a magic pill that will give stupendous results overnight is definitely a scam.

Flawed Belief 2 – I  don’t need training, I know enough about business.

I am sure you would agree that nobody knows about everything under the sun and there is a lot that everybody can learn from each other. Even if you do possess great knowledge in these areas, sometimes you do need to bring in outside consultants to train the team on the same thing because you as a decision maker maybe too busy to do the same or an outside perspective maybe needed.

Flawed Belief 3 – All knowledge in the world is available for Free, why should I invest in a paid program?

Investing in a paid program gives you the opportunity for super accelerated learning. Sure you can gain the same knowledge by going through thousands of books or making your own mistakes but that will take you several years and cost a lot in profits you leave on the table and the losses you make. The truly competent consultants have already done that for you and you can simply absorb knowledge from them in a very short period of time.  Be Wise and understand time is more finite than money.

Furthermore, there is considerable evidence that when people pay for something, they simply value it much more and are much more likely to take action and benefit from it.

Flawed Belief 4 – Training Is Expensive

Not doing training and learning is more expensive and will cost you a lot more in the long run. Is a map or a guide that helps you move in the right direction for a reasonable fees worth it, considering the alternative to that is getting lost completely and losing immense amount of time and money. Training/Consulting make cost a little up front but gives you guidance on the right strategies to make the maximum profits and what to avoid to minimize terrible losses.

Flawed Belief 5 – Training Wastes Time

I am sure, you would agree that working in the wrong direction wastes a hell of a lot of more time.

Flawed Belief 6 – Okay, I will do a single program but I haven’t got time for anything more.

Taking one medicine pill, but not finishing the course, will that work. Starting an operation, but leaving it midway. Will that kind of operation ever work? Will doing a single martial arts class ever be of any use in a real life fight? Unless something is done rigorously and constantly till the time it becomes a second nature, it does not serve a purpose in life.

The biggest problem with single programs is the lack of commitment and implementation. Sometimes organizations state that they want one program and they will implement the lessons themselves. The problem is they never do, because they themselves have not learnt it long enough to be able to implement it or scale those lessons across the company. No wonder it wont work. Without guidance, implementation, it is hard to make it work.

Flawed Belief 7 – How can a coach/consultant help me if they haven’t ran a business like mine before?!

A surgeon does not need to get heart disease to treat heart disease. The knowledge he has gained over the years through his learning and treating countless patients successfully makes him qualified to perform a surgery. Furthermore, most great surgeons have not invented a brand new form of surgery, they only apply what has been proven to work to the best they can, with added improvements learned from their experience.

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Flawed Belief 7 – Shouldn’t I be getting training from someone who has actually built a huge company?

First of all, it is true that the one who is most qualified to give guidance on building a huge business someone who has built a huge business themselves. But, this raises a couple of points

  1.  How are you sure what worked for one person in one situation will absolutely be the right decision for you? For all you know, they may have been in the right place at the right time. It is also possible that their business may look massively successful on the outside but maybe crumbling inside? Unless you have access to inside data, you have no way of knowing whether what they are saying is the truth.
  2.  Someone who is actively built and running a huge business simply won’t have time to offer detailed guidance to an individual. Forget about them taking out the time to regularly guide the entire team. If the most successful people in the world offered mentoring to entrepreneurs in a way that actually useful to them, the training/coaching industry would not need to exist.

Flawed Belief 8 – If  training/consulting will help my business grow then why aren’t many successful coaches running huge companies themselves?

As far as addressing why most successful professional coaches have not built big businesses themselves, here is one view on it. First of all, the training/coaching industry is a business model that does not generally require a huge infrastructure. Secondly, building a huge company comes with its own set of massive problems. Some of these are a huge time investment,  raising huge amounts of capital, as well as complying with several regulations, operating in a cut throat market and managing thousands of employees.

You should consider the fact that not everyone wants to build such a business and may have other priorities. Not everyone wants to build a Boeing 737. Some experts are happy having built a smaller plane as that may give them a freedom of choice in alignment with their goals.

But the knowledge possessed by such an expert (as long as he/she is credible) is still immensely useful. Remember, accelerated knowledge is one thing, but the scale at which it is applied that makes the biggest impact.

If we go back to the building a plane analogy, right knowledge with small scale leads to a small plane that flies perfectly. Right knowledge with huge scale leads to a successfully operating commercial flight. Wrong knowledge on a huge scale, leads to planes full of hundreds of passengers crashing frequently!

Whether it is creating a small plane and making it operate successfully, or making the larger plane fly, the basic mechanism of aerodynamics is the same. The only difference is the scale and additional technical features. If the consulting person/organization also has the track record of having advised larger aircraft companies and thus demonstrated knowledge of many technical and peripheral features of a larger plane, that makes them even more credible, even if they didn’t build a large plane from scratch!

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For my credentials, client list,testimonials, videos and media coverage please visit . As the link is media heavy, please allow it some time to load. in touch! You may reach out at +919868889977 or .