Why Most Networking is A Waste of Time And How To Make It Worth It!

No matter how much people try to justify networking, the truth is most of it is a waste of time.

The Problems

1)Most people only blabber on about themselves when networking, about what they have done in the past, what they are looking to do in the future etc.They talk too much and hardly listen. Here is the deal. Nobody cares about you, they only care about themselves or what you can do for them. When everyone only cares about themselves, it’s a terrible idea to only talk about yourself unless it ties in strongly with how it can benefit them.

2) Most networking is a waste of time because you are in front of the wrong people. Spending most of your time networking with other people in your industry is like a boy trying to impress a girl but only spending his time networking with other boys! The boy should be connecting with girls and going on dates with them, not wasting his time with other guys!

This example may sound a little odd, but this is exactly what most networking events have become like! Network with prospects, not with competitors. The only exception is when you seek mentoring from the absolute best in your industry as they can sometimes guide you. In all other cases, it’s a waste of time from a business point of view.

The Solution

  1. First get in front of the right people. Network with prospects not with competitors. If you want to network with others in your industry anyway, do so with the best of the best, not with average or low performers, or they will drag your mindset down to their limiting beliefs.
  2. Add value to prospects. Don’t be like others whose only think in terms of “I, me and myself”. Once you have ensured you are networking with the right kind of qualified prospects and not tire kickers, show an interest in what they say and when you speak, always do so in a way that subtly or indirectly suggests how you can benefit them.
  3. Become an authority figure. This will make you a magnet instead of  a chaser. At networking events, if you are one among hundreds, no one will notice you. Even when you strike up a conversation you will speak one to one and it will take a huge amount of time to establish your credibility. On the other hand, if you can position yourself as an expert and actually speak at the event (again in a way that adds value to the audience, NOT a self serving speech), now you become an authority and people will be coming up to YOU. In a short speech, you will be able to establish credibility amongst hundreds of people, which is almost impossible to do one on one, unless you are a celebrity in your industry.

In summary, in order to make sure your networking is worth the time, always do these 3 things –

Get in front of the right people

Add value to prospects

Become an Authority figure!

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