The Number One Mistake People Make In Marketing.

Guess, what is the number one mistake people make in marketing? The number one mistake they make is that they sell to the wrong market!

Think about it, if you are selling to the right market, even if you have mediocre marketing, you will still get some sales. However, if you are selling to the wrong people, it doesn’t matter how brilliant your marketing message is, you just won’t get sales!

While it is good to continuously tweak your marketing message, perhaps what is more important is to analyze whether you are targeting the right market!

What is the right market?

The right market has three elements

  1. They can truly benefit from your offering
  2. Your communication is directly with the decision maker.
  3. They can actually pay for it

Even if you have the best message, if it is going out to the people who don’t fit the criteria above, you are wasting your time. This is precisely why extremely high end car brands almost never show their ads on TV, because the people who can afford them are usually not watching TV.

It’s okay if you market to unqualified people from time to time as quality comes through quantity but over time you need to be very clear on who to spend time, money and energy on and whom to completely ignore.

The question is, are you doing it?