4 Bad Habits That May Help You Succeed In Business

Are “bad” habits, always bad? In some cases they are not. Here are 4 so called bad habits than actually help you in business.

Keep in mind that you cannot take any of these habits to extreme because if you do so they will destroy you. However, having a little bit of these habits and most importantly channeling them properly can yield wonders for your business. Here they are.

“Showing Off” :
   While being modest and letting your work speak for itself may seem like an ideal thing to do, in today’s world which competes for attention, a little bit of showing off isn’t a bad idea. No matter how valuable you are, if the world is not able to see it, it is not going to do you any good. If you “show off”, there will be people who resent you and start claiming that you are a bragger. But my question is, were these people ever going to be your customers or reward you anyway? The answer is no. On the other hand, “bragging” with a strategy in mind may actually make your value more visible in front of prospects or bosses you maybe consequently rewarded for that perceived. Just keep in mind that the perceived value of yours is backed by real value as without it the rewards will never last.

Anger: Anger when taken to an extreme and in the wrong direction can destroy people. There are instances of people taking rash life changing decisions in a fit of anger. However, ironically a state of constant restrained anger when focused in the right direction has made people way more successful than they could ever hope to be without it. Whether it is bad childhood experience, humiliation at the workplace or a relationship going sour, that chip on your shoulder constantly drives you. It never allows you to settle because you always have a need to prove to yourself that you can do better.

Fear: People say fear is always bad. It is not. The only fear that is bad is one that paralyzes you and forces you into not taking any action. That sort of fear gets people killed. However, there is another sort of fear that is so powerful that it propels people to super success.  That fear is the fear of becoming too comfortable and letting others surpass you. That fear is the fear of becoming mediocre. This sort of fear doesn’t paralyze you, on the other hand it inspires you take massive action, pursue excellence and never settle for anything less.

Laziness: This point may seem in complete contradiction to the above two points, but a little bit of laziness can also do you a lot of good. “How?” – You may ask.  Well, here is how. People who believe the answer to everything is just pure hard work and determination are the kinds that will set out on foot even if their destination is hundreds of miles away. They will tire themselves out and yet achieve nothing. The lazier person will try to find the efficient way of achieving the same and determine priorities. If saving time is the highest priority, they will book a flight. If saving money is high on the list, they may book a train or a bus. But other way, they will utilize a system that helps them get the job done instead of relying on pure hard work. Of course, these are just analogies but applying the same “slight laziness” in business will help you avoid drowning in frustration and make you reach your goals much faster