The Two Key Requirements To Achieve Any Goal.

There are many factors why people have difficulties in achieving their goals. But the two biggest reasons are – Working in the wrong direction or using the wrong system.

 If you are on the right direction but using the wrong system, it is like walking from New Delhi to Beijing instead of boarding a flight. Your hard work won’t reward you but might kill you. 

If you are using the right system but are in the wrong direction, it’s like wanting to fly to Beijing but flying to Antarctica instead. Some may fly west to reach Beijing after travelling around the world, but do you really want that?

To figure out the right direction, learn from others who did it or have correct knowledge of the direction! To get the right system, you may either build it yourself or buy it. But the best option for most is to rent it. You don’t have to build or buy a plane to board a flight!

If you are facing challenges in your goals, ask yourself, am I in the right direction and am I using the best possible system I can afford? When both are correct, you can achieve even the biggest goals in the least amount of time possible.

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