This Coin Flipping Game Will Prove Why Sales Is A Numbers Game.

Article by Anubhav Srivastava

I want you to try a little game. The original version of this game involves a dice, but I came up with a variation that involves something you can find anywhere – A coin.  You can either do it yourself or turn it into a competition involving your sales team

What I want you to do is to find a coin and give yourself or the participants in the competition exactly five minutes  to flip the coin constantly. Here are the rules of the game

  • Every flip represents you trying to contact a Prospective Client
  • Every time You get Three Tails in a Row, you make a sale
  • The person who makes the most sales wins.

Make sure every participant has an auditor that actively notes down the exact amount of times the coin was flipped in those 5 minutes and the exact number of sales made. At the end of the five minutes, the game is stopped.

Now, you will notice that generally speaking, the number of sales made (Getting three tails in a row) is in DIRECT PROPORTION to the number of times the coin was flipped. Sure, some variations are possible due to luck and uncertainty, but generally speaking, the ones who flipped the coins the most would be the one making the most sales.

Now, apart from rewarding the person who gets the most tails in the row, I also want you to consider rewarding the person who made the most flips, because ultimately it is the number of times you flip that is the only controllable factor in your success!

Finally this is what you can share with them at the end of the game or your meeting  – “This represents the sales game in real life. While the product and the individual’s selling skills definitely play a big role in closing the sale, assuming all factors are constant, the people who contact the most prospects, end up making the most sales.  Getting lucky often requires a boatload of hard work!  The one who tries the most, often ends up winning the most! Just make sure you work your hardest throughout the quarter, and not just in the last few days! The winners of this game have flipped the coins hard throughout the five minutes and not just in the last thirty seconds! ”


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