Signs You Have Found The Amazing Love of Your Life.
Signs You Have Found The Amazing Love of Your Life
Signs You Have Found The Amazing Love of Your Life.
Signs You Have Found The Amazing Love of Your Life

Signs You have Found The Amazing Love Of Your Life

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Signs You Have Found The Amazing Love of Your Life


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By Anubhav Srivastava

Most of us yearn for a partner who can give us the amazing love that we deserve. But not all of us find one. There are a variety of reasons for that. Sometimes, we are unable to find a person we are compatible with. Sometimes, we find a person we may get along with but major differences crop up along the way or they eventually end up showing a side of themselves that we just cannot accept.

There are a lucky few who do end up getting the amazing love of their life, but are still doubtful whether they are the right one. Whether it is by consulting friends, family members or psychics, they are in a need to get their questions answered. Although, everybody’s situation is different, in this article I will tell you all the signs that will generally indicate that you have found the amazing love of your life.

Do keep in mind that your partner has the right to evaluate you on the same points as well!


1) They are supportive of your dreams

If your partner is not supportive of your aspirations in life, it is going to be very hard to lead a life with them. This does not make them good or bad, it just means you are not right for each other. If you have some dreams in life that you cannot compromise upon and you are forced to give them up even though you do not want to, you will only harbor intense resentment for your partner. This will turn into a slow poison that can eventually kill the relationship. It is much better to find someone who is genuinely supportive of your dreams to begin with. This way you can be lead a happy life together.


2) You two genuinely respect each other.

You cannot lead a happy life with someone you do not respect or someone that does not respect you. You two maybe attracted to each other for a while but if there is no respect, things will eventually bust or they will fizzle out. Always take your time getting to know the person because people often tend to be the best version of themselves when they first meet you (and vice versa) and it is only later that they start showing the real them. After a significant period has passed and you have, for the most part, discovered the real version of each other, can you still respect each other? If the answer is a resounding yes, you may have found the amazing love of your life!


3) You two get along with each others’ families.

One needs to realize that a long term relationship, it is not just your partner and you who need to love and respect each other, for the most part you need to get along with each other’s families as well. If there is a strong animosity towards each other’s families or vice versa, then you two may not be right for each other. The reason is you two will always be torn between your love for each other and your love for your respective families. Also, having a strong family support is crucial to help couples get over rough patches. If your partner and your family hate each other, you are much more likely to break up, especially when things begin to go sour.



4) Your partner is not physically, verbally or emotionally abusive.

Every couple has arguments and fights from time to time. Two people who are very close to each other will naturally have expectations that the other person cannot always fulfill, which leads to arguments. However, it is very important to observe, how your partner behaves during this period. If they are physically abusive, it is a very strong sign that you need to get out of the relationship as soon as possible as things are unlikely to change in the short term.

If they are verbally abusive, that too is a red flag that shows a lack of self control. Finally, emotional abuse is any sort of behavior that the other person inflicts upon you that greatly humiliates you and attacks your very dignity. Remember, nothing is more important than self respect! . The person who has the character and self control to not resort to any of these even in the worst of arguments is most likely to be someone with whom you can share amazing love throughout your life. Of course, you need to hold yourself up to the same standards!

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5) Your partner is honest with you. 

This is a tricky one as sometimes absolute honesty can hurt feelings and kill relationships as well.  However, if your significant other is a generally dishonest and compulsive liar, their attitude maybe toxic to the relationship. They may hide or lie about things for you that could be of utmost importance to you. The worst part about people who are generally dishonest is that they are unlikely to change. Even if by some miracle, they do change, it becomes very hard to trust someone whom you know has displayed a lot of dishonesty in the past. On the other hand, if your partner is honest about all the things that matter the most to you, you may have found the amazing love of your life.


6) You two are attracted to each other in the long term.

Even though some people may dismiss this as superficial, attraction is one of the most important elements to maintaining amazing love in a romantic relationship. Looks are the first thing that people notice about each other. A person can fulfill all the points above but if they are not perceived as at least somewhat physically attractive by the other person, then it becomes very hard to carry a happy relationship with them. At the same time, emotional attraction is just as important, maybe even more important.

If the person is physically good looking but has terrible habits that kill their attractiveness in the eyes of the partner, the relationship maybe in trouble quick. At the same time, even if a person is not physically good looking, but has the charm that keeps their partner emotionally attracted to them, that relationship may still work out.  If the attraction is not present at all or wears off too quickly and does not come back, then it maybe very hard to stay in a long term relationship with that kind of person.


7) You two have a strong connection and care deeply for each other.

Love is basically having strong feelings for each other and caring about them immensely. In your relationship, if you do not have strong feelings for the other person and do not care about them at all even if you have been together for several months or more, you may be together but you probably do not love them. The most important thing to observe, once you have known the person for a while or are in a relationship with them is whether the intensity of the connection and feelings is going up or is it going down. There are ups and downs in every relationship but if the connection is progressively weakening, your relationship maybe about to crumble. At that time, it is up to the two of you to put in your efforts and try to save the relationship. If the connection can be revived and remain stable or the intensity of your emotional connection keeps increasing, you may have found the amazing love of your life!!


8) Your two are incredibly loyal to each other.

One of the most important things that holds a relationship together is loyalty. There have been countless instances where people have destroyed relationships that were otherwise going smoothly by cheating on their partners. If you two are the kinds that are incredibly loyal to each other and work things out between yourselves when the relationship hits a rough patch, instead of using it as an excuse to cheat in your long term relationship, chances are you have found the amazing love of your life. Do keep in mind that cheating isn’t just physical but can also be emotional. If you or your partner is spending more time with someone else they are attracted to even if they are not physical with them yet, that too is going into the territory of infidelity that can mess up any relationship.


Hope you enjoyed this article! If you loved it, share it with your partner or with friends and family members who maybe going through the same dilemma in life!


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