How many of you are into sales?

If you are a business owner or have a sales job, you will probably raise your hand.

If you are not an owner but a sales executive, you may raise your hand.

If you do not belong to any of the above categories, you may not raise your hand at all.

However, the truth is everybody is into sales!

When you apply for a job interview, you are selling yourself! Thus  you are the salesman and the product!

When you propose marriage, you are selling yourself!

In an arranged marriage, your parents are a part of your sales team!

When your dog or children whine when they don’t get what they want, they are selling too! Emotional Blackmailing is also selling!

Sales is the backbone of almost everything we do in the world, whether it is monetary or not and when done ethically it is the single biggest factor for any kind of success. If you know you can provide value to someone or solve a big problem of theirs, it is your duty to sell it to them and it is your right to be rewarded fairly for it.

We all need to embrace the idea that every single one of us is a sales person.  The quicker you embrace, learn and begin to love sales, the quicker you will achieve every goal of yours.  The ones that don’t embrace it go out of business in every aspect of their life sooner or later.

If you are looking to greatly improve sales and profitability in your organization, I would like to present to you an ONLINE Sales Video Course titled Super Sales For Super Success that will  greatly help your team with many issues that directly/indirectly  improve profitability!!

What You Or Your Team Will Learn In This Program

The SIMPLEST EVERGREEN Formula  For Sales Success
How To Achieve Almost Magical Results In Sales Through Compounding
A Big Myth In Sales You Need To Stop Believing
How to make the customer CARE about what you have to sell
The Three Communication Skills That Make You Hugely Powerful In Sales
The One Mindset Shift That Makes Prospects Respect You And  Maximizes Results In Sales
How To Identify The RIght Prospects And Save A Huge Amount Of Time and Money!
The ONE Metric You Need To Focus On To Maximize Your Return On Investment In Sales
The Three Keys To Greatly Increasing Revenue
How To Increase Your Closing/Conversion Ratio
How To Make Your  Sales Offer At In Person Or Digital Meetings
The basics of Selling and Prospecting
How To Sell Effectively In The Current Economic Environment
The 80/20 rule in A Sales Conversation
The most important thing you need to do to make a sale easy
How To Reach TOP decision makers in a company
How to Easily Command higher prices
How to uncover a customer’s needs
A simple way to build your Sales Database
How to Fill Your Pipeline without relying on advertising
How to shorten the sales cycle
How to increase chances of closing PROFITABLE deals and greatly increase your margins
Extremely powerful negotiation strategies to get the best margins on the deal
How to build trust with clients
How to Follow Up the right way
How to squeeze the most out of every lead.
How to handle almost all common Customer Objections
How to Correctly Deal with Requests For Discounts
High detailed and systematized goal setting strategy to consistently hit sales targets.
The Secret of Permanent CHANGE


Anubhav Srivastava

Contact info for speaking/training related bookings and media queries only: and 919868889977

Hello! I am Anubhav Srivastava. I am based in New Delhi, India and I am a Business Performance Maximization and Sales Coach

– Trained participants from over 80 organizations and 19 Industries.
– Have addressed participants ranging from the the top management of public companies right down to new recruits and students.
-Creator of one of the top ranked Inspirational Movies On Youtube worldwide, Carve Your Destiny, having more than 2.5 million views
-Featured several times in India’s Media and also on BBC Radio
– Written for top Business Magazines and Websites
-Blog featured as one of the top 100 Productivity Blogs in The World By

My specialities are Maximizing Business Performance and  Improving Sales.

My usual charges for  One Time Training and Consulting Projects run into LAKHS OF RUPEES or MULTIPLE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

But what if you would get access to my SALES courses at a more cost effective price?

For the first time, I am launching my Signature Sales Training Program, Super Sales for Super Success as an Online Video Course. These programs have been conducted for countless  prestigious companies in person and via Video Conferencing. They are proven to have received tremendous engagement from participants and generated great results for clients. Now, I have recorded the content of the program as video modules.


Benefits of This Program


-This is An Amazing Sales Training That Will Greatly Increase Your Profitability. This is a Pre-recorded video program containing 22 video modules and many activities.  Unlike other courses that sound way too serious and BORING, the program is conducted in a humorous way to maximize audience engagement and also includes several activities.

– You can use the videos for your own training or share the videos across the sales team within your ENTIRE ORGANIZATION, regardless of its size  for their training!!  (You will have to download all the videos and then share it either using an external hard drive or a File Sharing App)

– Unlike a live  program,  videos can be played over and over again UNLIMITED TIMES for constant training of your team.

What you can expect at the end of this program.

This online video program will have a very direct impact on revenue if implemented well.
By the end of the program, the participants will come across as expert SKILLED consultants rather than pushy stereotypical salespeople to prospective clients.
Over a period of time, these POWERFUL sales skills they learn when implemented on a large enough scale will greatly improve your profitability and sales!!

I have spoken to participants from some of the largest corporations and Multinational companies with a global presence. I have also personally coached CEOs of top companies. I have also spoken to a lot of smaller companies across a wide range of industries and dealt with all management levels.

I have provided my services across a wide range of sectors as Insurance, Finance, IT, Media, Education Services, Construction & Real Estate, Power Generation, Hospitality, Chartered Accountancy, Pharma, Automotive, Telecom, Legal Services, Equipment Manufacturing, Food, Fertilizers, TV Broadcasting etc.

The following is a list of some of the organizations whose participants I have provided spoken to/trained.












Virendra Dhar

Chief Marketing Officer – Eurolife Healthcare

Dear Anubhav, I take this Opportunity to thank you for a very enriching and excellent Sales program. It was very nice to see every team member involving themselves at every point and the way you handled it online as well. Great! Looking forward to having many more such programs in the near future. I know this will bring positive expansion in our attitude and will really transform us!

Sanjay Agrawal, Regional Sales Manager, JJ Plastalloy
Hi Anubhavji, we really enjoyed your session on Super Sales For Super Success. I really loved the way you described the difference between price and cost and how to focus on being the lowest cost provider no matter what your price is.  The concepts of Value Added Follow Up and the 80/20 rule on how to understand your customers wants were extremely helpful and I will apply the same at my work.  Thanks a lot!


Vaibhav, Export Manager, JJ Plastalloy
 We learned a lot of useful things and really loved your session! The strategies you shared to build instant credibility were very useful and I will try to apply those in our future Sales materials. I know you are going to be very popular in the coming years!


Neeraj Srivastava – Vice President of Marketing, JJ Plastalloy   
“Anubhavji, this was an amazing session! My team and I enjoyed it a lot and learned tremendously too. Despite your age, you possess very solid knowledge on the subject of Sales. The one thing that strongly struck me was the way how you explained that everyone is motivated by self interest and if appeal to the customer’s self interest, we greatly increase our chances of making the sale. I also loved your suggestion on the fact that we as salespeople need to stop being overly salesy and start behaving like consultants as that will make the client be highly receptive to us and likely to buy from us. I will greatly recommend this session for my other groups and my clients.”

Salim Yousuf, Sales Officer for Andslite in North Kashmir.

Today’s Program was very much helpful to me. Especially concepts such as the will to prepare to win, this will be very helpful to me when I go to the market to make a sale. What you mentioned about avoiding multi-tasking was also extremely helpful. The technique you mentioned about how we can maximize our return on our hard work was one of the best parts of this session. These are some of the best benefits I got out of this Amazing session.

Devesh Sinha
Regional Head, Star Union Dai-Ichi Insurance.

“I am Devesh Sinha, Regional Head, Star Union Dai-Ichi Insurance. I attended the program of Anubhav Srivastava, it’s a very good program from a motivational point of view, especially for our front line sales people who are often demotivated when they fail to achieve their targets so this Confidence boosting program will be highly beneficial for those kinds of people.

I really enjoyed the program and am thankful to have a chance to attend this program with Anubhav.”


Amitava Sarkar – Vice President, Unison Insurance

“The inspiration that you gave was awesome. The 52 weeks in an year – 52 cards in a deck story where everybody was wondering what card they are going to get after pulling one after the other, and how most of the pulling results in low ranking cards but sometimes one pulled out high ranking cards was amazing. The way you explained it and correlated to life was really attractive and so was the ending!”


Sonu Ghai, DGM Sales Training, Exide Life Insurance

“This workshop has benefited me greatly both personally and professionally. It helped me regain my confidence and also taught and helped me put into action very simple ways of regaining self motivation. It has given me a new direction which will help me a lot.  I will immediately implement the lessons learnt in this workshop and share with others how this can help them personally and professionally. Thank you so much Anubhav for this amazing and refreshing workshop. It has been very very inspirational to me!”


Mr. Vimal Wakhlu. Former Managing Director, Telecom Consultants of India Limited

“You have a very interesting profile! We really liked your movie Carve Your Destiny and you delivered an awesome talk for our senior management. Everyone found a lot of value in your presentation today. At such a young age, you have already done such great work!  Great job and keep inspiring!”


Chander Mansharamani, Managing Director – Alpcord network Travel

You have done a brilliant job of motivating the employees and customized the program exactly as per our needs. The strategy of how to make the most profitable use of your time by putting a price tag on your hour was really thought provoking and it is something I will implement in my organization. The fake deadlines concept was also very interesting and it is something that everyone can relate to very well! The ball is now in my court and I will make sure the ideas discussed in the program are implemented over the coming months.


Kailash Balani, Managing Director, Balani Infotech.

 My wife and I  really enjoyed your presentation and am sure our staff equally
enjoyed and learned  something from it. I already agree with many of the points you made and some of the things you mentioned were really enlightening and will be of help to the business moving forward.”

Cherukuri Krishna Murthy, Chairman, Vishnu Chemicals
There were many useful things I personally learned in your leadership program. Let me mention, one thing in particular. I used to think that one’s mindset was fixed or dependent on individual factors, but the way you  explained how strongly our mindset can be influenced by the group we spend most of our time with had a strong impact on me. You are absolutely correct.  Going forward I will make sure I stay aware of my surroundings. Thank you for this program!

Capt. Thomas Pinto
Chairman and Managing Director, Seven Islands Shipping Limited
Your program was excellent. I really liked the unique concepts on time management that you shared and all the stories. It is highly admirable how you were able to pack in so many powerful concepts and explain them beautifully in such a short amount of time and that too in such an entertaining way. I will greatly recommend everyone to attend your training programs.


Dr. Shiv Kumar – Vice President – Technical, Vishnu Chemicals

This motivational program by Mr. Anubhav is very useful for our learning and improvements in our plans. We are normally working day in and day out within our four walls and such program by Mr. Anubhav, a person who has met and learnt from so many world leaders, helps us to get further upgraded and become better performers.  I learnt what we were missing and where we have to improve ourselves individually and as an organization. This program has helped us tremendously and is extremely inspirational.


V Mohan, Sales and Marketing Head, Andslite

In today’s session, the concept of an Employee-preneur was very useful to us. The productivity tips were just excellent. There were many points, will to win, consistency and dedication that were very useful. To not multitask was also a very useful concept. It is inefficient, dangerous and hurts our health. This is also something great to learn in our personal and professional life. In every point, you were asking us how we can implement the concepts in our day to day work. This made it very practical for us to  implement. This is something  I really appreciate Mr. Anubhav Srivastava for.


Mrs. Bharti, Senior Manager, National Fertilizers Limited- 

After a long time, we have come across a person who has put in so much impact in so less time and almost all the aspects were covered. What I personally liked about it were the examples. Even in a post lunch session we were not bored, it will definitely stay back with me for a long time. My favorite mantra from your presentation was resilience.


Rakesh Sharma, General Manager, Finance, NBCC
In today’s session, I learned how to meet and beat the deadline to serve our internal and external customers and I also learned the importance of constantly learning and refining myself for continued success.   Thank you for this program,  it was really helpful in looking at things in a broader perspective!



Murali Krishna Bukhya
Studied at Indian Institute of Technology, BHU

“I came all the way from the way from Hyderabad to attend this workshop and it exceeded my expectations greatly!

It was very interesting, exciting, enlightening & useful!

Great Opportunity to hear new ideas of building confidence. It was well worth the time. Would be interested in attending more.

Last but not the least “I AM THE GREATEST!!”


Arijit Sammadar, IT Initiative Manager, Mother Dairy

“The workshop was really fabulous. Not only did I learn many of the success factors when it comes to building confidence,  I also learned how to implement them in my personal life and professional life and build up a SUCCESSFUL LIFE in all aspects! That is my biggest gain in today’s workshop and it is really going to help me Carve My Destiny. I also feel that like Anubhav has already impacted a million lives through his movie Carve Your Destiny, eventually he will impact a billion lives!”


Navnit Pandita, Head – IT, Mother Dairy

“I have been trying to attend this workshop for the past six months but I finally made it today and I am very happy! I am sure I am going to Carve my own destiny. I will apply all the amazing things I learnt today in my daily life. This workshop is going to help me tremendously in the long run and I know I will achieve much greater heights!!”


Seema Dhir, Visiting Professor, Punjab Agriculture University.

“First of all when I decided to attend this workshop, I was a little confused whether it was the right decision or not. But now I feel so satisfied mentally, emotionally and professionally! It’s amazing that even at my age I have gained so many useful things from this workshop and I feel you really are an inspirational figure! Great Work!”


Krishna Dutt Maurya – Institute of Chartered Accountants.

“The workshop was too good and help for young people like us. In the Future I would love to attend more of your workshops.”


Shayna Arora, Asst. Investment Manager, iVentures Capital.

“The workshop was really phenomenal. It is going to create a long lasting impact on my life. My decision to attend this workshop was absolutely right because it is going to help me in so many aspects of life when it comes to confidence and public speaking. It is going to lead to long term change for me and I am going to suggest other people to go for your workshop because I can testify that it has been so beneficial to me!”


Saranya, Stock Trader– Aditya Trading Solutions

“Your speech was full of inspiration and motivation! I have attended a lot of similar events but you are the BEST in it. I can say that from today you are my inspiration!”


Digajmaan Mishra, Associate Partner – Hammurabi and Solomon 

Anubhav, you gave us all an amazing Anubhav!

(For Non Hindi Speakers, Anubhav means experience)


I have also written for reputed publications/websites such as BW BusinessWorld, YourStory, Addicted2Success, PickTheBrain, MotivationGrid, DumbLittleMan etc.



Inspirational Movies And Books Created



What sets me apart from others is that I have produced and directed  movie Carve Your Destiny, a first of its kind inspirational movie featuring some of the most famous and successful personalities from diverse fields who teach the viewers how they too can make all their dreams come true. It has received almost 2 million views on Youtube and consistently ranks among the top positions on Youtube worldwide for Inspirational Movies and Inspirational Documentaries.

I personally interacted with many celebrities for the movie and most of them are in the movie as well. I met Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Kiran Bedi, Shiv Khera, LK Advani, Sheila Dikshit, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Som Mittal, Sushil Kumar (Wrestler), Sir Alec Jeffreys (Inventor of DNA Testing), Sam Pitroda, Venkatraman Ramakrishnan (Nobel Laureate) and several other distinguished personalities from diverse fields.

Here are some pictures

With the Late APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India


With Mr. L K Advani, Former Deputy Prime Minister of India

Sir Alec Jeffreys, Inventor of DNA Testing

Sir Robert Burgess, Famous Sociologist.



Venkatraman Ramakrishnan – Nobel Prize in Chemistry


I have had my own story of overcoming numerous odds to achieve some of my goals in my life, which is why my speeches/training will greatly relate with your audience and make them feel on a deeply emotional level that the right work done consistently in the right direction, does pay off.






Sales Training by Anubhav Srivastava featuring participants from dnata, Abercrombie and Kent etc.



Everyone wants a taste of what they can get before they buy something, right? We get it, so here is a FREE introductory module you can take a look at before you purchase the entire program


As mentioned, my usual price for conducting a One TIme Live Program on A Single Subject area runs into Thousands of US Dollars or Lakhs of Rupees.

However, the price of Super Sales For Super Success Course is CURRENTLY 669 US Dollars or  Indian Rs. 49000. This is a limited time offer and the price of this program will rise SOON. This is a one time payment and then you can learn from the program forever.

If you have any questions, respond to this email and I will get back to you


How To Pay

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The above methods are a quick and easy way to gain access to the course. However, if you experience any problems with payment, you or your finance team can also pay via a bank or wire transfer. You may Call me at +91 9868889977 or email


 Want Only A Live Online Program, Not  A Pre-recorded one?

No Problem again ! We can do that. However, my regular fees for such programs will be applicable. Call me at +91 9868889977 or email


What Happens Once Payment Is Made:

When The Payment is Made and CONFIRMED, A Link to Download The Program will be sent to the email address with which you made the payment within 24 hours. You can then download all the video modules.

Buyers/Users are not permitted to share the modules outside of buyer’s organization or upload it on any public platform even non commercially




Objection 1- Training is a scam. It doesn’t work.

Answer – Training doesn’t do the work. You have to do it. And you have to do it consistently over a long period of time to start seeing results. There is no magic pill. Anyone who promises a magic pill that will give stupendous results overnight is definitely a scam.

Flawed Belief 2 – I  don’t need training, I know enough about business.

I am sure you would agree that nobody knows about everything under the sun and there is a lot that everybody can learn from each other. Even if you do possess great knowledge in these areas, sometimes you do need to bring in outside consultants to train the team on the same thing because you as a decision maker maybe too busy to do the same or an outside perspective maybe needed.

Flawed Belief 3 – All knowledge in the world is available for Free, why should I invest in a paid program?

Investing in a paid program gives you the opportunity for super accelerated learning. Sure you can gain the same knowledge by going through thousands of books or making your own mistakes but that will take you several years and cost a lot in profits you leave on the table and the losses you make. The truly competent consultants have already done that for you and you can simply absorb knowledge from them in a very short period of time.  Be Wise and understand time is more finite than money.

Furthermore, there is considerable evidence that when people pay for something, they simply value it much more and are much more likely to take action and benefit from it.

Flawed Belief 4 – Training Is Expensive

Not doing training and learning is more expensive and will cost you a lot more in the long run. Is a map or a guide that helps you move in the right direction for a reasonable fees worth it, considering the alternative to that is getting lost completely and losing immense amount of time and money. Training/Consulting make cost a little up front but gives you guidance on the right strategies to make the maximum profits and what to avoid to minimize terrible losses.

Flawed Belief 5 – Training Wastes Time

I am sure, you would agree that working in the wrong direction wastes a hell of a lot of more time.

Flawed Belief 7 – How can a coach/consultant help me if they haven’t ran a business like mine before?!

A surgeon does not need to get heart disease to treat heart disease. The knowledge he has gained over the years through his learning and treating countless patients successfully makes him qualified to perform a surgery. Furthermore, most great surgeons have not invented a brand new form of surgery, they only apply what has been proven to work to the best they can, with added improvements learned from their experience.

If we want to make a plane fly, whether it is creating a small plane and making it operate successfully, or making the larger plane fly, the basic mechanism of aerodynamics is the same. The only difference is SCALE! But you do need the right knowledge or your plane won’t fly!

I suggest you get on my email list. I regularly send FREE Informative Mails to those on my list on all topics related to Business Performance Maximization and Sales! If you want to make your sales grow, this will be the second best decision you will make. The first is FAST TRACKING your success by investing in the Sales program!

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STILL HAVE MORE QUERIES OR EXPERIENCING PROBLEMS MAKING THE PAYMENT? No Problem, Call at +91 9868889977 or email and let’s talk.