What Business Leaders Can Learn From an Ancient Roman Emperor, Part 7: The Unity of Mankind

Let’s explore Lesson 7, focusing on Marcus Aurelius’ belief in the interconnectedness of all people and how this belief influenced his actions as a leader, especially during the Antonine Plague.

Marcus Aurelius and the Concept of Global Community

Marcus Aurelius, a stoic philosopher-emperor, deeply believed in the unity of mankind. He saw every individual as part of a larger, interconnected human community. This wasn’t just a philosophical idea for him; it was a practical approach to governance and leadership.

The Antonine Plague: A Test of Universal Brotherhood

  1. A Plague without Discrimination: The Antonine Plague was a devastating epidemic that swept through the Roman Empire, affecting millions of lives. It didn’t differentiate between the rich and the poor, the Romans and the non-Romans. This was a crisis on a scale that demanded a response beyond ordinary measures.
  2. Aurelius’ Inclusive Response: Amidst this crisis, Aurelius demonstrated his commitment to the unity of mankind. He didn’t limit his aid efforts to a certain class or nationality. Instead, he provided support wherever it was needed, showcasing his belief in a shared humanity.
  3. Financial and Personal Sacrifices: Despite the immense pressure and personal grief (he lost his co-emperor Lucius Verus to the plague), Aurelius remained dedicated to his duty. He made personal and financial sacrifices to provide relief, showing that he was not just a ruler above his people but one among them.
  4. Breaking Down Divisions: Aurelius’ response was groundbreaking at a time when societal divisions were the norm. He challenged these divides by focusing on common human virtues and the shared capacity for reason and moral judgment.

Lessons for Modern Leaders

  • Global Perspective: Recognize that in today’s interconnected world, actions and decisions have global implications. Like Aurelius, think beyond local or national interests.
  • Inclusivity in Crisis: In times of crisis, lead with an inclusive approach. Offer support and aid irrespective of conventional divisions.
  • Shared Sacrifices: Be prepared to make sacrifices for the greater good, demonstrating that leadership is about serving others.
  • Empathy and Understanding: Practice empathy and strive to understand the perspectives of others, especially those different from your own.

Marcus Aurelius’ response to the Antonine Plague and his overall philosophy highlight the importance of seeing beyond artificial divisions and recognizing our shared humanity. His approach teaches modern leaders the value of empathy, inclusivity, and a global perspective, especially in times of crisis.



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