Why Motivating People Is Useless Unless You Do This!

People often feel that the only thing their employees need to do in order to produce results for the company is to be motivated!

This is why they either give pep talks to employees themselves or give them some incentives or bring someone in to give a general motivational talk. The problem is motivation is useless without the right orientation and the right skills

Consider this – if you motivate a group of disgruntled employees to go after their dream, they would probably want a huge pay hike without adding more value or want to quit or go on a strike.

On the other hand,  if you motivate a bunch of people without giving them the necessary skills to perform the job, it’s still a bunch of motivated idiots (with respect to the job at least)- which is far more dangerous!

Next time you motivate your employees, either yourself or by bringing professionals to do it, make sure two things are done. First, make sure that clarity of purpose is also developed alongside motivation. Employees need to understand what direction to be motivated in, how it is going to benefit them, why it is in their best interests to stay at the company and do their best job.  Help them understand that the more valuable they make themselves to the company, the greater their personal rewards will be as well.

Finally offer them rewards accordingly which can be monetary or recognition based. In order to do everything mentioned, you also need to do your due research also in order to understand life goals of most of your key employees so that the program ties in with their goals in one way or the other. 

Secondly, make sure any motivation you provide is supplemented by development of skills. It’s not enough to just give talks like “Just do it!” or “Be the Best!”, make sure they are developing skills to do the job as well. Consider motivation to be something like salt or spice that makes the food tastes better. You mix it with food but you wont just eat salt or spice alone, would you? The actual food is skill development. It can be technical skills, role based skills, Leadership, productivity or selling skills or any skill that eventually has a tremendous impact on the company’s bottom line.

And that is how you effectively motivate employees in a way that is super useful and actually helps the company!


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