The Most Important Mentality You Need To Be A Master at Anything.

The Most Important Mentality You Need To Be A Master at Anything.
The Most Important Mentality You Need To Be A Master at Anything.


By Anubhav Srivastava ( Register for his Workshop – Build Super Confidence For Super Success!)

There are so many people in this world who believe that just because they have gotten somewhat good at something, they believe from the core of their heart that they are a master at it. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your progress or sharing whatever you have learnt, even if you know only somewhat more than the average person. Teaching is a noble thing.

But the teacher must not forget that the greatest teachers are the ones who never stop being students. The sales expert, the supposed master entrepreneur, the expert coach,  no matter what you are, the day you decide to stop learning is the day you officially stop being a master. Why? Because a master never gets stagnant. A master evolves and always tries to get better at their craft. When you become stagnant, others overtake you. When you become stagnant, you become redundant and irrelevant.

I liked acting as a hobby so I once attended an acting school that was popular once upon a time. But the moment I entered, the kind of scripts and dialogues they made us enact were so unbelievably cliche, it was hard to believe anyone would use those dialogues in movies/TV shows or even plays today. Our doubts were confirmed when an actor who graduated 20 years ago after completing the course took a look at the scripts we were rehearsing and laughed that they had made absolutely no change in the coursework in over 20 years!

The actor went on to say that although he had gotten better at his craft, it was because he improved his acting and marketing skills to stay abreast with time and did not credit the acting school at all with whatever success he was able to achieve. The one time great acting school had become redundant and the only thing that was still bringing it some business was its legacy. The master instructor ceased being a master because he was not committed to getting any better and adapting to today’s times.

Other businesses cannot even afford this bit of luck. When it comes to tech and rapidly involving industries, you can be the darling of the consumer one year and almost be out of business after two years. This has happened with companies like Nokia and Blackberry who got arrogant and complacent and believed they were the masters of their domain.

On a hopeful note, this does not always mean the end either. Apple, which was a very popular brand in the 1980’s almost became bankrupt in the 90’s because it stopped getting better after Steve Jobs left. Once Steve Jobs was back in charge, the company came back to the principles it first used to follow and achieved tremendous success as a result.

I was recently watching the videos of a man named Tai Lopez who is a popular Youtuber in the self help genre. He credits his knowledge to reading one book every day. Tai Lopez happened to meet a few celebrities such as Rihanna, Mark Cuban and even Elon Musk of SpaceX and Tesla. The one thing Tai observed was that all of these super successful people were asking more questions than they were giving answers.

Rihanna who was going to give an interview on achieving success ended up asking Tai Lopez about the kinds of books she should read to make her life better. Mark Cuban and Elon Musk ended up asking Tai Lopez all the tricks they could use to make their brands more popular on Snapchat. Tai Lopez realized that he ended up teaching these people a lot more than they shared with him! No wonder these people are so successful. They are constant learners and are humble enough to seek advice even from people who are not as successful as them!

Apart from a tremendous amount of hard work and discipline, the master commits to constant improvement. The master realizes that even if you are great, there is usually someone better at something else. Even if you are the greatest, you will never be the greatest forever, so one should always stay humble and keep trying to get better or eventually time will teach humility to them

Work at whatever you do by working harder and smarter than anyone else, but also consider yourself to be the eternal student. Being the eternal student is the surest way to becoming a master!




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