Five Ways To Relax When You have A Super Busy Life

Five Ways To Relax When You have A Super Busy Life
Five Ways To Relax When You have A Super Busy Life


By Anubhav Srivastava ( Register for his Workshop – Build Super Confidence For Super Success!)

Most people who have a super busy life have a hectic schedule because they want to achieve their dreams faster than anyone else. They have a super high work ethic  because they want to put in everything it takes to make their vision become a reality.  More often than not, their incredible work ethic leads them to achieving much more in professional success as compared to the average person. However, on the downside, this hectic schedule also leads to them being stressed out most of the times and negatively impacts their health.

If you are a super busy person then chances are your hectic work schedule maybe leading to professional success but may also be leading to the build up of stress.

Stress can be a good and a bad thing. Short term stress gives us the motivation and the drive to get things done quick and fast. Over the long run, however, the same stress can impact health very negatively leading to mental and physical health issues. Long term stress leads to constant anxiety and irritability which can affect your state of happiness and relationships with other people.  Physically, stress can be even more harmful as it has been shown to contribute in the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Needless to say, constantly being stressed is a bad idea, but it is usually a by product of a super hectic schedule. This article will help those in such a situation to learn how to relax so that they can about their day with a much more relaxed attitude.

Here are a few things you can do to beat stress.


We regularly take up more than what we can deal with and deal with anxiety as a result. While tackling challenges that compel you to push past your comfort zone is great, constantly working hard on things that give you a lot of a mental agony and take a toll on your health isn’t smart.

Assess whether you can handle what you are doing. Have you worked super hard on things that have worsened your life instead of making it better?  Getting burnt out sucks, especially if the effort is not worth the reward

Rather than tackling everything, do things that give the highest return on investment or the ones that you are extremely passionate about.
Take vacations and travel somewhere.

The human body  is not a machine that can keep running all the time without any break. Heck, even machines need to be turned off regularly to avoid overheating, the human body is far more fragile.

You need to take a vacation from time to time to revitalize and relax.  Now contrary to popular belief, you need not actually travel on a vacation. In fact, for many people, constant travelling, even while on a vacation tires them out.  What sort of sabbatical you take totally depends on what relaxes you. If you are the kind that loves travelling constantly, take a vacation that fulfills that aspiration.

If you are the kind that does not like travelling so much but still need to get away from your current environment, book a ticket to some place that will recharge you and then stay there until you are ready to come back.

If you would prefer to stay in the same place and not head off to another destination, you may even relax at home, catch up with friends, watch movies, read books or do whatever that relaxes you during that period of time.

The key is, do what works for you. You don’t need to follow the society’s idea of what one ought to be doing during a vacation. But you need to do what relaxes. you.


This is by far one of the easiest ways to reduce anxiety naturally. Even if you do moderate workouts some times a week, they are enough to reduce anxiety because the workout produces endorphins that will lead you feeling joyful and less stressed.

However, you need to understand that this needs to become a habit that you need to maintain life long. You can’t expect to workout a few times and then stop and expect it to continue producing benefits, it doesn’t work that way.

Can you just eat for a few days and expect the food to provide nourishment to your body forever? Of course not, the same way in order to keep producing the feel good chemicals you need to make your workouts regular.


Get the Sleep You Need

As an entrepreneur or a super busy professional, sleep may seem like a luxury to you. Many people pride themselves on getting by on a limited hours of sleep, maybe less than 5 hours. But here is the deal, there is only a small percentage of people in this world, who actually find 5 hours of sleep to be enough to be refreshed, the vast majority of people  are getting by on sleeping much less than they need.

Now, while some people maybe getting much less sleep than they do because of the nature of their work, another reason why people sleep less is because we have been brainwashed with the idea that the one who sleeps less succeeds more. Well, what if the person who was sleeping less was not actually spending time on productive activities during the day? What if his productivity was hampered because of the lack of sleep?

Many entrepreneurs who used to sleep less but then switched to sleeping more (For example Neil Patel and Arianna Huffington) report that by sleeping more they actually became more productive. Even though the sleeping time took up an extra couple of hours, they were able to accomplish tasks much quicker during the day because they were much more attentive and alert.

If you are one of the blessed few who doesn’t need more than 4 hours of sleep, good for you.  But if you are not, what’s the point of sleeping less, feeling tired and irritable the next day and accomplishing much less than what you could do if you actually were more relaxed and productive because of being well rested.

Productivity is not about the hours one works in a day but the power they can pack in those hours.

Stop Trying To Control Every Outcome

As human beings we all want to control every single thing in life that happens to us. After all we have been taught that you can control your destiny. While it is true that you can influence a part of it through your actions, the fact is that you have no control over a reasonable chunk of your life.

You do not have control over whether or not you will get into an accident, you only have control over whether or not you can put on a seat belt.

You do not have control over whether or not you or a loved one will get some horrible disease, you only have control over practicing healthy habits.

Whenever you are worried about something, ask yourself, what aspect of it can you realistically control? Take the necessary steps and then release or let go of  the attachment to the outcome.

Sometimes letting go and not trying to overthink or control things that cannot be controlled is the best thing you can do for yourself and your mental peace. Whatever has to happen will happen, worrying won’t change it.


Hope you like the article above. Implement the steps mentioned and not only will you be more relaxed,  you will get a lot more done at work and will also enjoy life a lot more!

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