Signs You Are Going To Be Successful in Life

Signs you are going to be successful in Life:
Signs you are going to be successful in Life


By Anubhav Srivastava ( Register for his Workshop – Build Super Confidence For Super Success!)

Do you often wonder whether you display the signs you are going to be successful in life? There are tons of habits that a lot of very successful people have in common and attribute their success to. Here are 17 signs of guaranteed success!


Signs you are going to be successful in Life: Sign 1. You Believe in Yourself

Belief precedes all achievement. People who believe in themselves have the courage to pursue their dreams , persevere despite the innumerable obstacles they face and thus eventually emerge victorious. At the same time those who believe they are capable of nothing, never put in a determined effort to do something and predictably accomplish nothing. If you believe in yourself, you are ahead of the pack.


Signs you are going to be successful in Life: Sign 2. You are not delusional with your beliefs.

Belief can’t be delusional. Can belief can make you do ANYTHING? The answer is No and if you are delusional about it, you are in BIG trouble. Belief has its limits. If you believe you can swim, you can with time because swimming is something that can be done by humans. But can you fly without any sort of a machine, just by flapping your hands if you believe? Of course not! Also you probably can’t perform a bypass emergency surgery on your loved ones just by believing you can, without learning the practical knowledge involved (Unless you want them dead). So if you believe in yourself but at the same time approach things with a sense of realism, you’ll do well.


Signs you are going to be successful in Life: Sign 3. You are not afraid of Criticism.

“The first step to accomplishing any dream is to overcome the fear of criticism. Remember, most forms of ridicule are simply ignorant opinions. You have to develop a thick skin and deflect them away. If you can’t, you have virtually no chance of progress. If you can, you can overcome almost any other obstacle.” Not even the greatest people in world have been spared of criticism. So if you want to achieve long term admiration, be prepared to face some condemnation along the way. If you are not afraid of facing opposition or criticism from society and are fiercely committed to want in life, you are truly promising in terms of becoming super successful.

Signs you are going to be successful in Life: Sign 4. You accept valid feedback.

If the Criticism is based on facts that you need to correct, do something about it. If the criticism comes from someone you love or they love you deeply you should understand that it comes with the best of intentions of trying to improve you. Also many times there is also at least an element of truth involved in criticism, if it comes from people who have attained success in the same field as yours. It is certainly possible that criticism may sound mean or rude but we can always find some feedback that can help you improve. If you ignore ignorant opinions of people but accept feedback that maybe objectively correct by taking into account the facts of the situation, and then work hard to improve, you are on the course to success.


Signs you are going to be successful in Life: Sign 5. You are disciplined.

Champions are not made in front of millions of cheering crowds. Champions are made far away from the limelight, during the gruelling hours of practice and preparation where nobody is cheering you on, except your own will to win. If you train like a champion in your field, no matter what that field is and are doing things consistently to be the best you can be, you are well on your way to becoming a star performer.


Signs you are going to be successful in Life: Sign 6. You set goals.

Dreams are worthless if they are mere wishes. They become powerful only when you turn them into a goal. To carve your destiny you should have the courage to go after what you want and the determination to stick with the pursuit long enough. Those who can do that are the ones who stand a chance of turning their dreams into reality. The rest just live in a fantasy world.

Remember that a goal is a dream with a deadline and that unrealistic things are achievable through realistic steps and completing those realistic steps. If you keep the bigger picture in mind always and are always taking the smaller steps consistently to walk towards the destination and are consistently meeting the target for the day or the week, sooner or later you will achieve the big goal within the deadline too. If you are a prolific goal setter it greatly increases your chances of success.

Signs you are going to be successful in Life: Sign 7. You pursue your passion

Following your passion may not always give you an easy life but it will certainly give you a life worth living. If you have a life goal, sometimes the destination is so far away that there is no guarantee you will ever reach there within the time you thought you would, which is why pursuing your passion is so important so that even if you fail, you can say the journey was worth every bit. If you are following your passion your journey to success will be much more enjoyable.


Signs you are going to be successful in Life: Sign 8. You align your passion with your strengths and what the market wants.

Following your passion is important but so is identifying your strength. If you are passionate about something but that is not your core strength, you will probably not become great at it. Therefore, identify that one thing where your passion and strength merge. Think about how you can give value to people around you while pursuing it. Finally, have the courage to follow your convictions. This is the key to leading a life that makes you happy and also makes a difference in the world. If you have aligned your passion with your strength and provide value to people around you through it, you raise your chances of success tremendously.


Signs you are going to be successful in Life: Sign 9. You persist.

Winners persist until they achieve their goals even if it means losing very very often. Contrary to popular belief, Winning does not make you a winner, nor does losing make you a loser. It is your attitude that makes you a winner or a loser. Most of the people we consider winners have lost far more often than losers. The only difference is while a “loser” would roll over and quit, the winner would be willing to lose over and over again, until he wins! Persistence is perhaps the biggest factor that will separate you from the rest. If you have the staying power to keep pushing on no matter what happens, you are almost guaranteed to have a considerable level of success in life sooner or later.

Signs you are going to be successful in Life: Sign 10. You don’t persist foolishly and keep trying different things.

Persistence does not mean banging your head against the wall repeatedly and hoping it shall break one day. That’s just going to break your head. Persistence is about having the common sense to come back with a sledgehammer to break the wall. If that doesn’t work, come back with a bulldozer. If that doesn’t work, use dynamite. If that doesn’t work, find another wall to break! Edison may have failed 10,000 times while trying to invent the light bulb, but he didn’t repeat his mistakes, he learned 10,000 lessons on what not to do.


Signs you are going to be successful in Life: Sign 11. You take calculated risks.

Achieving anything in life requires risk taking. If you are not willing to take risks you cannot do anything in life. If you are not willing to take risks you are going to limit your potential severely. Successful people realize that the biggest risk is to take no risk at all. After all you risk being a nobody.

That being said, taking risks is not gambling. It is a calculated risk, you are not hoping for things to align by themselves or “the universe to help you.” When you gamble, you leave much of the result to chance. When you take a calculated risk, you leave almost nothing to chance, at least not those things that you can directly control such as doing the proper research.


Signs you are going to be successful in Life: Sign 12. You can delay gratification consistently

The ability to delay gratification, the ability to tolerate no reward or even tolerate pain for a long amount of time knowing that eventually it will all pay off is one of most important requirements for success in life because success is almost never instant. You will have to go through a lot of hard times, a lot of failures, a lot of questioning whether all your efforts are going into drain because the results are not visible. If you want instant gratification then success is not for you.

Signs you are going to be successful in Life: Sign 13. You save the money that you make

Someone once said that if you cannot save then the seeds of greatness are not within you. You can make as much money as you want but those who cannot save will always be scrambling financially. If you make a million dollars one year but you suddenly think you are rich and can afford everything in the world and go into overspending mode, what happens at the end of the year. You owe more than the money you earned. Not so rich any more, are you? Saving is the basic foundation for financial freedom no matter how much money you make.


Signs you are going to be successful in Life: Sign 14. You invest the money that you save.

Financial Success comes from Spending LESS than you earn and then investing the difference.

Now Saving is just a start and it is a good start, but to really accelerate your net worth you need to invest it. Saving alone will not make you wealthy. In fact saving alone will make you quite poor because of one word – INFLATION. You can save hundreds of thousands of dollars over a period of 40 years but the actual value they will have at the end of those thirty years might be lower than it was initially because the purchasing power of the dollar or your currency will have gone down. To get wealthy you need to invest the money. Whether you choose to invest it in real estate, mutual funds, stocks, new businesses or something more secure is entirely up to you and the level of risk you are willing to take but do not let your money sit idle. Also it would be wise to do extensive research of whatever area you invest your money in. Do not leave it all to a financial advisor. Remember it is your money at stake!!


Signs you are going to be successful in Life: Sign 15. You don’t make excuses.

If you keep having setbacks, but still have the courage to pick yourself up and move on, you will succeed some day. But if you keep making excuses, you stand absolutely no chance. Success is directly proportional to the size of your determination and inversely proportional to the number of your excuses. Successful people find ways instead of excuses.


Signs you are going to be successful in Life: Sign 16. You are grateful for your life.

There are so many things around you, maybe your family, maybe your relationships that you are taking for granted. Understand that there are people in the world who work much much much harder than you still are in a much worse situation. You are not alone. Successful people and people on the path to certain success are grateful for what they have whether or not they believe in a higher power, because it automatically shifts their thinking from dwelling negatively on things that don’t work to appreciating what they have and experiencing positive energy.


Signs you are going to be successful in Life: Sign 17. You try your best to maintain good health – Physically and Mentally.

Unless absolutely urgent, always do something to stay physically active a few times a week. Not only can you concentrate on the work you are doing better when you also workout, without physical fitness you won’t be around long enough in the world to enjoy the fruits of your work.

Secondly treat mental fitness with the same respect. Stress, Anxiety and Depression are very real problems that can massively affect your ability to live a good life and work towards your goals. Do whatever it takes to ensure you are mentally fit as well. Whether it is meditation, breathing exercises, time out, or doing anything that uplifts your mood in a natural way, do something to remain mentally fit.

If you treat your body and mind with the same respect that you treat your work, you are really going to do very well in life and also enjoy the rewards.

Sign 16. You always keep learning and training
Most people never learn or train because they think they know it all. They are the first ones to be destroyed by a crisis.
Then there are some who  understand the need to learn but keep procrastinating . They either keep claiming there is No Time or they keep claiming there is No Money.
They are like people dragging stones on a wheel-less cart but claim they are “too busy” or “have no time” when someone offers to show them how to attach wheels to the cart and make their job much easier!
What they don’t see is the ABSOLUTE EASIEST way to fast track success is by learning. Without knowledge and skills, you are stuck in a forest without having an idea of where to go. With learning and knowledge, you have the map that tells you the shortest way to get out of the forest and save yourself.
The ones that overcome this crisis the quickest are the people who place the highest priority on learning for themselves and their team!

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