Impossible Dreams Can Come True


By Anubhav Srivastava. (Register For His Workshop – Super Confidence For Super Success)

All through our lives, most of us have always been told to be ‘realistic.’ We are told that we all have limits and that we should only aim for what is within our limitations. I am strongly against the popular belief that one should only set “realistic” goals. What is being realistic anyway? Being realistic is referred to only aiming for something that has been achieved by several others in the past. All progress depends on being unrealistic. If all of us only strive to achieve what others have already achieved, the human race shall never make any progress.

It is the pioneer, the leader, the maverick who stands up for an idea and goes after it regardless of whether the world considers it unrealistic. It is these courageous men and women who constantly push the limits of what the world considers possible and it is these people who end up being remembered in history.

When it was widely assumed that it was impossible to complete one mile in a period of less than four minutes and that anyone who tried doing so would die, Roger Bannister proved the world wrong by doing just that (and staying alive). For hundreds of years we were told that man wasn’t meant to fly and space travel was not even imaginable in the mind of the common man. Yet there were those that still dreamed and made flying possible. Within 60 years of the first powered flight, man had gone into space, in ten more years, man had reached the moon. If these pioneers had listened to everyone who advised them to be realistic, the world would have still been using horses to travel around.

Now when I suggest setting massive goals, I do not mean to encourage wishful thinking. The clear distinction between a goal and wishful thinking is that the latter is not backed by a solid plan of action and is thus only a dream or a wish. They key is to set unrealistic goals, but to accomplish them through a series of realistic steps and by putting in that extra effort every day. If you dream to become the greatest in your field, by all means do so but always remember that the legendary figures in the field of your choice did not become so in one day. Not only did they dream of being extraordinary, they also put in consistent efforts every single day and worked on their craft continuously. Remember, if you are mediocre your thinking and your efforts, you will remain mediocre as a person. If you desire to be great, dream greatly and work greatly, even if you come up with average ideas.

Let’s consider the most famous example of someone who has achieved the impossible right in front of our eyes not too long ago. Also, please look at this as a generally uplifting real life story instead of judging it on the basis of your political affiliations or stances.

When Barack Obama decided to run for presidency, he was setting what seemed like an impossible goal. Here was a man who had very little political experience and had to first beat a Democratic rival like Hilary Clinton who already had a huge number of loyal followers among the Democrats. To add to the above, he was a black man running for president in a country with a white majority where no non-white president had ever been elected in the past. “Experts” placed his chances of winning during his early bid at presidency to be pretty much impossible.

Obama could have chosen to defeat himself in his mind by assuming he would never win but he didn’t. He believed he could win, so he put in the effort. He campaigned tirelessly across America for almost two years. He raised money from the grassroots, when others only sought to raise money from big donators. Others thought this was a bad strategy but this strategy raised the highest amount of money for his campaign in the history of the presidential elections. He became the first non white person in history to become the president of the United States and he managed to do it with virtually no money or resources to begin with initially. This is one of the most evident modern examples of a man setting an impossible goal but achieving it through a set of realistic steps.

Set a massive, an “impossible”, an unrealistic goal today. Set a goal you thought you were never capable of and start working towards it. Be absolutely delusional in your thinking but totally practical in your implementation. Do not worry about failure for even in failure you will have exceeded your own expectations of what you believed you were capable of. You can never discover your true limits without constantly challenging your own beliefs of what is realistic.


About the Author

Anubhav Srivastava is an author, motivational speaker and the director of Carve Your Destiny, a first of its kind inspirational documentary featuring some of the most famous personalities from diverse fields, who teach the viewers how they too can make all of their dreams come true. The movie itself has been seen on Youtube by over one million people. Anubhav has also been featured in numerous International and India Media outlets such as BBC , The Times of India, Hindustan Times,, Leicester Mercury and many others.

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