Learn the Secrets of Success from Sachin Tendulkar



By Anubhav Srivastava ( Register for his Workshop – Build Super Confidence For Super Success!)

Sachin Tendulkar is someone who needs absolutely no introduction for individuals from countries that follow the sport of cricket. The greatest batsman of his era and perhaps one of the greatest batsman of all time, he broke almost all batting records that existed in Cricket and is one of the most popular sporting figures in the world.

If you are from a non cricket playing country like the USA and want to know more about Sachin Tendulkar consider the following. While Cricket may not be a sport that is extremely popular in most of the countries, nevertheless it is one of the most popular sports in terms of a fan following, because in some of the most populous nations such as India and Pakistan it is almost like a second religion. And for those who follow the sport of Cricket like a religion, Sachin Tendulkar is their God.

Imagine what Michael Jordan is to Basketball and what Babe Ruth was to Baseball. Now imagine that on a much much larger scale with billions of people following the sport. That is what Sachin Tendulkar is to Cricket.

A few years ago I saw Sachin Tendulkar share 10 secrets of his success on a Television show. I am expanding upon what was mentioned by him for the benefit of the world.

– You have to work harder than anyone else if you want to be the best in your field. The adage that hard work has no substitute is absolutely true.

You have to learn to be fearless, if you wish to accomplish great things you cannot do so while being fearful.

– Preparation is the key to success, but you cannot wait to start preparing after an opportunity arises. You have to always be prepared so that you are the one who seizes the opportunity and capitalizes upon it the quickest.

Focus on staying physically fit always. Success in life and fitness go hand in hand. If you have a heavy workload you simply can’t succeed with an unfit mind and body because it will be extremely difficult to cope with the workload.

– Being a team player is extremely important. No matter how brilliant, no matter how skilled or overachieving you are, if people around you who you work with feel that you always put your needs and your accomplishments ahead of group goals, they will consider you to be self centered. When things are going good, it may not seem like a big deal but you may not receive the support you may desire from them during hard times or when you need it the most.

– Always always always, encourage your team. An attitude is like a virus, it is contagious. If you do not encourage your team and make them as inspired as you are towards achieving the team goal, eventually their low morale will bring you down with them.

Learn from your failures. You can never win if you are afraid to fail. It is inevitable that you will fail on the path to winning. Learn from why you failed, change your approach and try again.

– Learn from your successes. Just like you can learn from failure you can also learn a lot from your victories. Analyse what is it that made you win this time. Also don’t forget to remain humble. There are always more factors that you can imagine that lead to success, don’t believe you know it all because you never know when things may come crashing down.

– Approach your goal with a long term perspective instead of always going for instant gratification. In other words, if doing things today that discomfort you will pay off in the long run, do it! Once you can implement this into a habit you will automatically be on the path to greatness in your field.

– Always have Role models to look up to. If you do not have a role model you will not be able to understand or learn the steps you need to take in order to become successful like those before you. Role models also serve as benchmarks on your path to success.

Have dreams but more importantly CHASE those dreams. Everyone can dream but it takes courage, persistence and fortitude to translate those dreams into reality.

– A final 11th secret, based on my work of meeting and interviewing some of the most influential achievers in their fields and based on my observation of Sachin Tendulkar is this: Recognize your biggest strength or true talent and then apply your life to turn that talent into a world class skill. Tendulkar himself wanted to be a fast bowler and not a batsman, but he was rejected by a leading fast bowling cricket academy because he simply was not good enough. Batting was his true strength, his true talent and when he realized that and applied his life to be the best at what his strength was, he became a legend.

So the lesson of the article is this: Follow all the points above and also identify your true talent. Not just passion, but TALENT. When you can turn your talent into a world class skill and become one of the best in the world at what you do, money and adulation will follow. The scale may not be the same as that of a sport like Cricket but if you follow the points above as well as this last point you are sure to become a rock star in your niche.


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