Inspirational Quotes on Burning Desire for Success

Inspirational Quotes on Burning Desire for Success
Inspirational Quotes on Burning Desire for Success

By Anubhav Srivastava (Register For His Workshop – Super Confidence For Super Success !)

“There is nothing in the world that can stop you except one. It is not your ethnicity, it is not your gender, it isn’t your age, it isn’t a disability and it certainly isn’t your current economic condition. The only thing that can stop you is lack of your own will to succeed.”

“We often misinterpret ambition. Unless it’s a deep desire within backed with absolute determination, it is nothing more than a wish.”

“Let’s believe we’re already at the top because only then will we believe we are capable of getting there. Let’s believe we’re still at the bottom, because only then will we stay hungry and realize there is always so much more to do.”

“To succeed in any endeavor in life you need to be either madly in love with the process or be madly in love with the end result. The former means you are so passionate about a field that it is thoroughly enjoyable and does not seem tedious even for a moment. The latter means, even though you may find the process excruciating, you possess such an intense desire for the end result that you are ready to sacrifice everything for it. If you love the process, great! But if you don’t, love the dream.”

“A burning desire is the key to all achievements, even in the case of higher ideals. It is assumed that eliminating desire helped Buddha achieve enlightenment. On the contrary, it was a burning desire for enlightenment that prompted Buddha to leave his family, renounce the world, and persist in intense spiritual training for six long years, when most people would have simply given up. Thus, spiritual progress too requires a burning desire, like any other goal. The only difference is that the desire for materialistic benefits has to be converted into a desire for something higher.”

“If you have a strong drive to achieve great heights in the field of your choosing, never consider your self to have succeeded at it no matter how much you have accomplished. The day you start considering yourself to be successful is the day you stop being hungry and that marks the end of further growth and achievement.”

“They say that life doesn’t give a second chance, but there who have a burning desire for what they want snatch it anyway.”

“We are all capable of becoming immortal through the lives we lead and the ideas we stand for. The only effort it takes is to require a burning desire to leave an indelible mark on the lives of a significant few, so that even when we perish, we remain alive through our ideas”.

If you live life on your own terms with a burning desire to succeed, you will die loved by some and despised by many but never ignored by any.”

“Even the best of us cannot help but feel low after failures. Here is the difference between a loser and a winner though – A loser will let the disappointment and frustration overwhelm him and give up. A winner will direct the same pent up energy and frustration into trying again and again until he wins. The ultimate question boils down to this – How bad do you want it? If you don’t want it bad enough, you will give up. If you want it more than anything else, you will do whatever it takes to win and eventually emerge victorious.”

“Habits do not change overnight. You can’t be a great martial artist by throwing a few kicks and punches. You need to practice over and over again for as long as it takes to become your second nature. Similarly, to adopt a completely new lifestyle, it takes immense commitment and perseverance. The ultimate question as always is – How bad do you want it?”


The writer of these original inspirational quotes, Anubhav Srivastava is an author, motivational speaker and the director of Carve Your Destiny, a first of its kind inspirational documentary featuring some of the most famous personalities from diverse fields, who teach the viewers how they too can make all of their dreams come true. The movie itself has been seen on Youtube by close to 600,000 people. Anubhav has also been featured in numerous International and India Media outlets such as BBC , The Times of India, Hindustan Times,, Leicester Mercury and many others.

These inspirational quotations were written by Anubhav and posted regularly on his social media pages over a course of several years where they became very popular.

It is thus possible that many of these have been reposted by others on the Internet over time, but they all first appeared on Anubhav’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and

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