Inspirational Quotes on Overcoming Criticism

Inspirational Quotes on Overcoming Criticism
Inspirational Quotes on Overcoming Criticism

By Anubhav Srivastava ( Register for his Workshop – Build Super Confidence For Super Success!)

“If you desire to go after something that has never been done before, be prepared for something that has always been done: being ridiculed.”

“Nothing is more tragic than the ideas that never came to be because their thinkers were too afraid of ridicule to make them come to life.”

“I’d rather try something new and be laughed at by others than regret later when it is too late and cry at myself.”

“Criticism is either jealousy or truth. One who can differentiate one from the other and act accordingly is destined for great things.”

“Do not be afraid of being labelled crazy for pursuing a huge dream for only crazy people achieve crazy things.”
“Sometimes, the worst thing you can do is to not listen to the criticism.”

“Not even the greatest people in world have been spared of criticism. So if you want to achieve long term admiration, be prepared to face some condemnation along the way.”

“Others may laugh at your dreams. Let them do it as they too need a source of entertainment in their empty lives. It doesn’t matter though, as long as you know in your heart that you will have the last laugh.”

“If you aren’t being criticized, maybe you really aren’t doing anything worthwhile.”

“The worst job is that of someone who is a critic. Even if they are correct in their criticism, they usually do not have the ability to do things better than the person they berated. If they are incorrect, they make themselves look like fools.”

“The only man who can generally escape criticism is a dead one at his funeral.”

“Many of us never take the first step to achieving our dreams because we are afraid of criticism and ridicule from our so called “friends.” If you cannot dissociate yourself from such people entirely, at least dissociate yourself from their thinking. Seek inspiration from those who have done it before. Keep visualizing your goals. Develop an action plan and just go for it! Over a period of time you shall develop such a focus that you won’t even care what anybody else thinks, for you’ll know in your heart that you can win, and eventually you will.”

“If you do something to appease your critics, they will find something else to be critical about. Even if you eventually manage to win them over, your actions will probably create more critics. Trying to fight or eliminate criticism is therefore pointless because it will always be there in some form. The only important thing is being true to your conscience. If your heart says what you are doing is right, nothing else matters.”

“The first step to accomplishing any dream is to overcome the fear of criticism. Remember, most forms of ridicule are simply ignorant opinions. You have to develop a thick skin and deflect them away. If you can’t, you have virtually no chance of progress. If you can, you can overcome almost any other obstacle.”

“All pioneers of the world were called crazy or mad before they were accepted as geniuses and trailblazers.”

“It is tragic that most of the creative minds never had the courage to implement their ideas because of the fear of ridicule from the world. That is the way the world has always been. It has always been skeptical of the new and finds comfort in the old, even though change is an inevitable law. Therefore never be discouraged. Whenever you propose a new idea you WILL be called crazy. If you have the courage to implement it and the determination to persevere through difficult times, you will eventually be called a role model.”

“You have no control over what someone says to you or about you. But you have absolute control over how you feel about it or how you react to it. It is fine to analyze these statements for an honest assessment, but beyond that it is pointless to continuously be plagued with self doubt just because somebody else decides to attack you.”

“No matter what you do or what you accomplish, some people will always speak negatively about you. That is fine, your job is doing what your heart says is right and not waste your time trying to change everyone’s perception about you. Respect their opinions, just don’t accept their opinions.”

“If you fail, critically analyze your mistakes, don’t criticize yourself. Analyzing your mistakes in order to learn from something and succeed the next time is great but critical analysis is done with a sense of objectivity and facts, not subjectivity and opinions. Most of us get so emotionally attached to the result that we start finding faults in ourselves, not in our methods or other uncontrollable factors. Attack the faults, not yourself.”

“To achieve anything, learn to win over people but learn not to be afraid of pissing off some of them.”


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