How To Develop The Will To Win : 8 Powerful Actionable Strategies!

How to Develop the Will to Win
How To Develop The Will to Win

By Anubhav Srivastava ( Register for his Workshop – Build Super Confidence For Super Success!)


If you have been trying to develop the will to win but it seems like you never seem motivated enough , this article will  give you many powerful tips to do it. That being said the truth is , as you already know that whatever I write will only serve as a guidance. These are the steps that will help you sustain the fire, but the willingness to light and sustain the fire will have to come from within you.  That being said, let’s look at the 8 crucial steps that will teach you how to develop the will to win.


Tip 1) Realize that all success in the world involves at least some element of hard work.

This may seem obvious but it really isn’t. People often seem to dismiss the idea of working hard these days and prefer simpler explanations such as luck or smart work. The truth is that even those who succeed with a lot of smart work, work really hard at working smart. Even those who get lucky work really hard at trying to go after opportunities that eventually make them lucky.

You can call those who have attained sustained degree of success as lucky as you want, but you cannot dismiss the fact that the element of hard work played a major role if not the most important role in their success.  Accept the basic fundamentals of success which is putting in sustained hard work in the right direction. It won’t be enough to make you successful, but without it you need to either be born in to a rich family, marry a rich person or win the lottery if you wish to be wealthy. Accepting that all success requires at least some hard work is the first step to follow in order to develop the will to succeed.


Tip 2) Push yourself in small increments

Our brains are quick learners and they have the capability to change in accordance with the demands put on them. When you force yourself to work your brain quickly adapts to form a positive habit, when you start being lazy your brain quickly lets go of that positive habit as well. In many ways our brain is no different from a muscle. Its capacity grows when demands are placed on it and it forms lazy patterns the more you allow it to get lazy.

So here is what to do. Start pushing yourself in little ways, start pushing beyond what is comfortable. You may have the desire to push way beyond your capacity at times but resist the urge to do so, that is like trying to Benchpress 300 pounds when your body is not used to lifting weights at all. It just won’t happen. It may even overwhelm you and demotivate you immensely. Push yourself in small increments.

Each time you do so you teach your brain that it is possible to push beyond it is comfortable it will grow and it will make make the process of working harder seem easier and easier. So pushing yourself in small increments is the second step to follow to develop the will to succeed.

Tip 3)  Stop stressing over how you are going to do the entire thing, just get started.

The number one reason for procrastination and laziness is the feeling of being overwhelmed because it appears unbelievably hard to do the entire work. We start seeing it as this huge mountain that will take a huge amount of effort and that overwhelms the brain.

Here is what I want you to do, adopt two attitudes that are infinitely better than not doing anything.

i) Just get started instead of thinking about it – Don’t think about how you are going to do it and stress yourself out, just get started and work until you feel like it, most of the times you will do much more than what you thought you wanted to do once you get to the actual action part of doing things.

ii) Adopt the attitude of something is better than nothing. We set our selves to unbelievable standards of perfection and excellences which frankly speaking not everyone can follow all the time. Putting in slow consistent effort towards your goal even if it is not to the maximum of your ability will still get you a lot closer to it than not doing anything at all.


Tip 4) Get the right diet and exercise

The kind of diet you have will play a tremendous role in your energy levels.  It is said that an excessively carbohydrate rich diet makes you lazy and a high protein diet makes you active, but I still believe that different things work better for different people. If having a pizza makes you more productive then go for it. That being said a balanced diet with the right amounts of proteins, carbs and fat works the best for most people. The amount you eat will depend on your activity levels. If your job is physical in nature, you will naturally have to eat more.

If your job is not physical then be sure to get enough exercise. Exercise will boost your endorphin or happy hormone levels and when done within moderate amounts it reduces your stress hormones. This will put in the right state of mind to effectively tackle your work. Think about it, even astronauts and the leaders of some of the biggest nations in the world like Obama and Putin exercise daily, if they can find the time to do it and if exercise enhances their capacity to work, you have no excuse.

You will notice that by incorporating the right diet that works for you and by regularly exercising your will to succeed, energy and productive capacity to work hard will shoot up tremendously.

 Tip 5) Get in the right environment

The environment you are in and the people you associate with play a tremendous role in how motivated or how hard working you eventually become. If you are in a group of people whose only aim in life is to be lazy, do drugs, never do anything productive and lead an excessively hedonistic lifestyle, what are you likely to become? Yes, you are likely to become one of them.

On the other hand if you are in a group of people who are driven, hard workers who are constantly discussing methods and ideas of how to achieve their goals, your mind becomes attuned to their thinking and your body starts developing the habits they practise, you again become more like them.

When you are young you don’t have a choice, you grow up in an environment you did not choose, you go to a school that your parents think is right for you but as you grow older you begin to have choices as to what kind of environment you want to continue to stay in and that requires awareness of your goals. The good news is that while habits get picked up the quickest when you are young, new habits can be developed at any age. So if you feel you are amongst the wrong people, go and actively seek out the right group that will nurture your work ethic and make your chances of success go up tremendously.


Tip 6) Pick the right field.

It is perfectly possible to be a generally motivated person but suffer from an extreme lack of it if you are in the wrong field. It is also possible to b e a generally apathetic person but be extremely motivated to perform when in the right field. We need to understand that passion will always play a major role in how hard we are willing to push ourself.

It is silly to call someone motivated or non motivated, pick that person up from the wrong field he doesn’t care about and get him into the right field where his strengths and passion lie and the same person might do wonders. Unfortunately, it is very rare that someone else will do it for you because they are busy bothered about their own lives, only truly great leaders will identify the right fields for their subordinates and such leaders are rare. You yourself will have to do it. You are the person who will have to take the decision of what you want to do in life and whether what you are currently doing interests you, motivates you or challenges you to achieve the full potential you are capable of. It is not an easy decision and it requires a lot of courage but if there is one thing that will make you a huge difference in positively impacting your chances of success, it is your courage to remove yourself from the wrong field and go into the field you love and are great at.

 Tip 7) Ask yourself if you can make the process fun.

Even the work that interests you the most can get boring if done in the same routine like monotonous way every single day.  Even the work that you hate can become interesting if you figure out ways to make it interesting and randomize things. The truth is that no matter how productive people say routines are, no one will deny that after a while they get boring as hell.

When you do something new that interests you, your brain secretes dopamine, a neurotransmitter which gives you the feeling of being excited and happy. When you do the same thing again and again and again in the same way, it can be the most interesting thing in the world but it slowly starts becoming less exciting.

Luckily you can trick the mind by doing the same thing in a different way. Suppose you are a writer who wishes to write a book. In the beginning you are excited as you start but soon creativity goes down and you feel like you are stuck in a rut. What do you do then? Maybe you can write when you feel like it, maybe you can do the write at a different time of the day, maybe you can go out and get ideas by observing the environment around you. Maybe you can decide to write whatever the hell you want to write one day and then remove the nonsensical portions when you feel like it. When you mix things up, things become exciting to the brain and “hard work” becomes a lot more easy.


 Tip 8) Remind Yourself Why You are Doing it.

The truth is that different things drive different people. Some people are driven by the love of it, some people are driven because it gives them the lifestyle they want, some people are driven because it raises their status amongst the society and gets them respect, some people are driven purely out of fear of failure and being perceived as not being good enough.

We all have different motivations that make us do what we set out to do and the best way to succeed to visualize and imagine or keep reminding yourself why you need to keep pushing on to achieve your goal.  If it is the love of it, imagine the process being a joyful journey which gives you self satisfaction. If it is for the lifestyle you want, imagine the end result of you having all the things you always wanted in life. If it is for the adulation, imagine people coming up to you and looking up to you once you achieve your goal and if it is because of fear remind yourself of the worst consequences that will happen if you fail.

The bottom line is whatever makes you most productive, stick to that method and remind yourself of why you are doing it.


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