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People from India need no introduction about Kiran Bedi. However, in case you are from another country, you do not know about her, let me give a brief profile.

Dr. Kiran Bedi is the first female Police Officer from India and the highest ranking one has well. Throughout her career she exemplified courage and was known for her honest. Kiran Bedi became a role model to hundreds of thousands of women all across India. After her retirement, she also became a social activist, a  anti-corruption activist and a politician. She is also a best selling author and the recipient of numerous awards, including the United Nations Medal and the Ramon Magsaysay Award, which is almost an Asian Equivalent of a Nobel Prize.

For my Film Carve Your Destiny, which has been seen by close to One Million People, I interviewed Dr. Kiran Bedi. The following quotations are all a part of the extensive interview I did with her and many of these quotes are in fact a part of the film. To Watch the Film For Free, Click This Link

If you have already seen the film or just want to read the quotes, let’s start!

Anubhav Srivastava



Success is a lifelong attitude of living which in the end gives you good health in terms of mind, body and soul.

If you want to be empowered, work for the largest good. Work also for others.  Empower yourself to empower others. That to me is a life worth living.

” None of the doers in the world have ever been told to do it, they just do it themselves and that’s why they become examples to others.”

There is no holiday in self discipline

“A person who lives with an attitude of gratitude can never be unhappy because he will always count his blessings. He will always see what he has and not see what he doesn’t have.”

If your parents are creating and enabling an environment of you doing and they are there to guide, what better opportunity and gift of God?

Long journeys begin with small steps. Start your small steps and over a period of time you will realize how much of a long journey you have already traversed.

To me, good health is great success. How can you achieve anything outside if you are sick within?

To have the wisdom that nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent is almost being a Buddha. That means one must be working very hard on their self awareness too because it’s not easy to walk away if someone abuses you and just tell them “I haven’t accepted it, so it’s yours still.” But it’s possible, it calls for a high level of maturity but it is achievable.”

Each one of us is a product of our thinking. Because thinking translates into action”

Contentment and progress are not contradictory. You can be contended with your progress but the progress need not be contended.

When I was growing up, I hated being ordinary, I disliked being ordinary. Because I looked at the ordinary woman’s life then and I found that it was hell, it was drudgery. I hated dependence. I saw the consequences of economic dependence, psychological dependence and mental dependence. I saw the consequences of a woman’s dependence on anybody else!

I’ve never been given goals by my bosses. I’ve never been told what to do, I just do it myself. Why must my boss tell me what to do, why must not I do it myself?

It’s self faith that makes you stand up, walk straight, progress and also be a big pillar of strength to all around you!”

A lot others get left behind because they didn’t value what they had. They let time run out or they waited for things to happen. I don’t wait for things to happen, I make things happen.

If you don’t make your own decisions, somebody else will make those decisions for you.

I am my own boss. I am my own supervisor.

It’s the thirst within which makes you win! No amount of water around you can make you win if you are not thirsty! You have to be thirsty to win, thirsty to succeed!

The first thing I do when I get up is go for a morning walk. Everyday I want to sleep that much extra! Every day I have to kick away that desire to remain fit!

A goal is a destination but reaching that destination means setting a bigger goal.

There was probably already a conflict between their conscious goal and their subconscious goal. And also in their self belief. That’s why all their efforts were half baked. That’s why they achieved only half!”

Success is enjoyment. It might be hard work but you gotta have joy in it, only then it is success.

When will we understand that we must give to society what we want for ourselves.

There maybe a Sunday for you or me but there is no Sunday in self discipline

Each day your better thought has to win over a weaker thought

Believe in yourself 100 percent and give it a hundred percent. You will get hundred percent in return.

Self faith is real life, it’s living life, breathing life, experiencing life and even becoming oxygen for all others around you!

Who are we born with, we do not know. When do we die, we do not know. Therefore, the only choice we have is to live the period between our birth and death to the best we can and for the largest good.”

When it comes to criticism from others, what is not true, reject it! What is true, correct it!

I didn’t even know when I joined the Indian Police Force that there were no women. I didn’t join to be the first.

My parents were never making me dependent on them for decision making. The training was such that I decide! Even if they were subtly suggesting something, it was I who decided. So they allowed me to do! If you have a family like that you are gifted. Take in as much as you can as it is a golden period of your life.

A selfish person in the end, lives alone, dies alone and all his riches cannot get him what he really wants.

I’ve never had a boss who told me “these are the wrongs that you must correct.” Why should my boss tell me what’s wrong? Why must I not know it and why must I not correct it myself?

If you have reached your happiness level you are successful. But if you feel jealous about somebody else and you feel disenchanted with it, that’s the time you need to ask yourself, “Why be discontented, why be disenchanted? Why don’t I change my situation?

The past is the past, you change your present and the future.

Begin with small steps, long journeys begin with small steps. Start Your small steps and over a period of time you will realize the long distances you have traversed.

If you have reached your happiness level you are successful. But if you feel jealous about somebody else and you feel disenchanted with it, that’s the time you need to ask yourself, “Why be discontented, why be disenchanted? Why don’t I change my situation?

Self discipline is the denial of certain things you may equally want but that desire is not as strong as what you really want to achieve.

Success is enjoyment. If you don’t enjoy your work, you are just doing labor work.

Be happy in what you do and spread happiness around you.

If you want to be outstanding, stay focused on your priorities and remain grateful.

Self discipline has to be directly proportional to the desire for your destination.

An attitude of gratitude would keep anybody happy throughout their life.

The sky is the limit became my task wherever I started with nothing.

You need to give time to yourself. Think what do I want, where am I going, what am I not happy with, what do I love, what do I want to be. Answer within yourself. You will start getting self directions.

Sometimes certain circumstances are not in your hands, accept that slow speed but wait for the change of the gear the moment you can! Don’t give up. Never give up!

Winners succeed with themselves. They don’t compete with others. They set their own goals, they set their own bars, they reward themselves, they punish themselves!



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