Why You Need A Website If You Want To Make Money Online



By Anubhav Srivastava. (Register For His Workshop – Super Confidence For Super Success)

Making money is something everyone wants. Even if you don’t WANT money to buy a big house or a sports car, you still need it to fulfill your basic needs. The world has become more competitive than ever and not everyone will get the dream job they want simply because the amount of people vying for it is huge. Others may not want a job at all and want to work for themselves so that they can take control of their own destiny. Either way, there is no denying that making some money is essential for survival, making a lot more of it can help you fulfill even bigger dreams.

While today’s world has lead to an increased competition, it has also lead to a much greater increase in opportunities. Opportunities are opening up in areas today which were unheard of 20 years ago. The reason for this has been the immense connective power of the Internet which has made the world a global marketplace. People are able to make a living or build a business from anywhere in the world having customers across the globe simply because they now have a way to pitch their skills to customers anywhere on the planet.

The simplest low risk way to make money today from your own business is by making money online. It doesn’t mean you are never going to lose money, but compared to physical businesses, setting up an online business usually requires much less investment, at least when you are just getting started. That also gives you the opportunity to make a high Return on Investment. When I simple I do not necessarily mean easy and just like Over the next few weeks I hope to turn this into a series where I will tell you the tools you need to have and the steps you need to take in order to make money online.

The very first thing you absolutely need if you want to make money online is a website. There are no two ways about it.  Read this article and see why having your own website with your own .com or .net or .in domain is so important for online success.



1) It is Your Online Office

The fact is people are judging you all the time. People judge you if you don’t have a physical office and on the internet, if you want to make money online, you better come off as professional. Now while not having a website does not imply you are any less serious about your work, but having one gives you a lot of credibility boost because potential customers are going to study everything about you based on what your online office about you.


2) It serves as an online pamphlet

The information you have in your website serves a pamphlet or brochure for people who want to know the kind of work you have done before and everything about you before they come to a decision. On Your website you can quickly explain to them what you do, your prices, the benefits of working with you, the testimonials from past clients and almost every thing that they need to know about you.


3) You save money by not having to send out physical pamphlets

All you do to pitch to clients is send them an email or contact them on Linkedin or any other professional network, quickly explain to them what you do and how you would be of benefit to them and then give them a link to your website. IF they are interested, they will check it out. This makes the process much easier than going physically to a lot of places, being made to feel unwelcome and spending a lot of money on printing expensive brochures. At a networking event it is also much more convenient and good manners to hand out your business card with your website on it than it is to keep handing everyone a brochure!

4) You don’t have to get tired of repeating yourself.

Is it not annoying to tell every prospective customer the same thing over and over and over again and keep repeating yourself till you no longer sound passionate about what you are saying? Well now you can just point people to your website after your initial and no longer have to keep repeating yourself till your vocal chords start to ache. Get all the information on the website in a one time effort and then sit back and relax, at least with the repetitive explaining part. Don’t worry about not having given enough information. Most people don’t digest or remember tons of information on the phone anyway because they are either busy or cannot remember everything you said. So make a spectacular initial pitch and then ask them to visit your site to know more. If you have impressed them enough, serious potential customers will always check out your website.


5) You get customers all across the world

Today one thirds of the worlds population, that is over 2 Billion people are using the internet. And they are just one click of a mouse away from you. Can You imagine having this kind of an opportunity in your local neighborhood by having so many potential customers? Absolutely not. Could you also have imagined having such an opportunity almost 20 years ago, possibly not. Having a website now means you have a shot at a much larger customer group. Moreover, if you have optimized your website for search engines well enough, you don’t even have to actively look for clients, they themselves will find you through an internet search!


6) A website is incredibly cost effective as compared to a physical office or shop.

There is so much money you need to spend when you set up shop physically. There is money involved for rent, hiring staff, the electricity bills involved etc. Furthermore, if you want a good location be prepared to shell out more money.

On the other hand a website can be incredibly cost effective. If you learn some basic skills you can manage a website without even hiring someone to design it. I myself am no web designer and do not even know much of coding and yet I am running my website by myself just fine! All you need to get started is spend money on domain registration and hosting, both of which are incredibly cheap as compared to a physical shop. Then you can easily set up your website on a platform like WordPress without much technical knowledge. Beyond that if your business does well you can spend more money on more online tools and on search engine optimization but at least you won’t be blowing away your money without knowing whether your business will actually work! Thus you run very little risk of any losses and if successful, your return on investment will be very high!

7) You own it

Now some of you might think you don’t need a website. After all you have Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and websites that connect freelancers with clients. What’s the point of having your own website when you can easily utilize the platform of any other website? Here is the problem, while using a third party platform may same easy in the short run and it indeed is a good SUPPLEMENT for your customer acquisition strategy, it is a terrible idea to rely on one or a few third party platforms for your entire business model. Why? Because you simply have no control.

When you base your business model on a third party platform you are always at the mercy of the person or the company that actually owns it. You can be removed at any time they wish, they can change the rules of how you interact with people or how many people you get to interact with or whether you are allowed to send them commercial messages at any time THEY WANT. Worse, they can ban you whenever they want and all the hard work you put in whilst building a potential customer base on any of these platforms can vanish in an instant. With a website, you actually make your own rules and control your own destiny. Nobody can interfere with your money making strategy or tell you what you should do or not do when you have your own website. As long as you are providing value to people, your customers will keep pouring in and so will the money!


8) There are countless ways in which you can make money from your website.
Selling products, services, courses, consultation, speaking engagements, advertisements, affiliate ads, ebooks, webinars, the list is endless in the ways in which you can make money online. If you rely on third party platforms such as Facebook or Youtube alone you won’t even have access to a majority of these methods because they simply won’t allow it. Even when you set up a physical shop, you probably won’t have as many methods of making money at your disposal.. When you have your own website, the opportunities and ways to make money are endless. There are a million ways to make a million using your website! Don’t leave the money on the table!


Get Started Now

I hope this article has given you enough reasons to set up a website for your online business whether it is a pre-existing one or you are planning to open up a business in the future. Your website is essential if you are serious about making money online and is the absolute first step to any sort of online success. So don’t think and set up a website right now.


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