Ten Commandments of Success in Life
Ten Commandments of Success
Ten Commandments of Success in Life
Ten Commandments of Success

The Ten Commandments of Success in Life: Achieve Greatness!

Ten Commandments of Success
Ten Commandments of Success

By Anubhav Srivastava (Register for his Confidence Building Workshop Here!)

So you want to know the commandments of success in life? Everyone wants to be successful  however not everyone gets to live the dream life they imagined for themselves. While Luck or Sheer Chance surely plays a role in what you get out of life, most of what you will get will be in direct proportion to the habits you choose to adopt.

The more you adopt the habits below the more you become in control of your own destiny and dramatically increase your odds of success. The question is would you rather leave everything to chance or would you to become the driver of your own fate (as far as possible). If the answer is the former you can quit reading this article right now. If the answer is the latter, keep reading on and learn the ten commandments of success!


1. Do, don’t just dream.

The first commandment of success is to get into the action habit. It’s amazing how a lot of people want to get everything without doing. Getting into the action habit or the habit of doing things will raise your odds of success tremendously.

We often pray so that we have everything land on our lap without effort. While that may happen occasionally much of what you will get in life will be in direct proportion to your habit for action. If you are someone who only waits for things to happen on their own you will keep waiting for a boat to rescue you, which may or may not happen. But if you are in the habit of doing, you will build your own boat and rescue yourself.


2. Learn Constantly

The second commandment of success is to constantly learn. The key to success is to become a master of one thing and then learning how you can provide value to a group of people through what you became a master at. It doesn’t mean you cannot be a master in more than one thing but it is much more achievable to focus on one.  Commit to becoming an expert in your field.  In fact shoot for being number one, because the benefits of being number one are not marginally but exponentially higher than being number two.

Google is not marginally more used than other search engines, it is used tremendously more. Facebook is not used marginally more than other social networks, it is the number one by far. As a consequence, their founders have been raking in money. Learn and commit to your craft and become number 1 at it. The benefits you will receive are going to be tremendously more than being just good enough or being number 2.

3. Concentrate!

The third commandment of success is concentration. Concentration or focus is immensely crucial to any kind of success. Without concentration your energies get dissipated into a variety of directions without yielding any positive result.  An amazing example of this is visible in a simple experiment. If you put a piece of paper that receives the sun’s rays on a brightly lit day, even whilst receiving the rays nothing happens to the paper. And yet if you hold a magnifying glass near it that directly faces the sun, it catches fire. How did it happen?  Because you concentrated all that energy that was earlier being dissipated into one single point and it shot up.

So adopt the power of concentration and do so usually on one goal. Instead of dabbling in several things at one time, only focus on one thing at one time and try to become the master of one trade instead of becoming a jack of many.


4. Prepare!

The fourth commandment of success is preparation. The will to win is important but of no use without the will to prepare to win. After all, no matter how much you will to pass an exam or how much you will to win a game or ace an interview, will you win without preparing to win?

Abraham Lincoln said that if he had to chop a tree down in 6 hours, the first four would be spent sharpening his axe. After all, how are you going to chop down a tree with a blunt axe. How are you going to win a game or pass an exam or do anything in life without preparation? You are going to fail even if you have the will to win, if you do not have the will to prepare to win.

Devote your time to intense preparation, no matter what your goal is and you might find you may not even need the will to win as your preparation itself has made you unbeatable.

5) Help others!

The fifth commandment of success is giving or helping others. It may seem that receiving makes us happy but the truth is you will often find more joy in giving than you will ever do in receiving. If you have to pray for abundance do so so that you have enough to spread around.  If you are only obsessed with making money or material possessions your life will remain meaningless. You are not going to take any money with you when you die and certainly nobody on their deathbed rated their bank balance as their biggest source of pride. Their pride came from living a life that was of worth to people around them in a small or a large way.

Without the habit of giving you will never attain true success. You might be successful in the eyes of the society but you will remain empty from within. Start giving and you will find your happiness go up tremendously and you will also achieve real success.

A man died and wanted to see both heaven and hell. He first went to hell where there was a table with delicious food but hungry and miserable people. They coudn’t eat the food because their hands were tied and only had spoons which they could pick up using their mouths. It wasn’t possible to hold the spoon with their mouth and eat food as well. The man then went to heaven.

It too had people with their hands tied who could only pick up the spoon using their mouth. Yet all of them looked happy and healthy. The man was confused and asked God, how are they happy and healthy in the exact same situation? God smiled and said “These people learned early on to share and feed one another. While the greedy only think of themselves.” One of the most important commandments for true success is to help others succeed!


6. Finish what you start!

This commandment of success says that if you don’t finish what you start you might as well forget any rewards, regardless of the effort put in. Something is better than nothing is not always true. Some tasks need to be completed 100 percent before you reap their benefits out of it. The habit of persistence is the single biggest factor that will separate the winners from the losers.

Let’s consider an example. Let’s say a person wants to get into business. The  guy tries the first year, sees some traction but it is not good enough for him so he quits and does something else. Every single year he shuts down an older business even one with reasonable potential before it even gets off the ground, simply because it is not moving fast enough. He keeps doing this every single year. At the end of the ten years he is still where he is because he never gave enough fuel to any of the businesses. Maybe some of them would have a decent potential but before he gave the business enough gas to accelerate he takes his foot off the pedal. As a result he remains where he was ten years ago.

On the other hand let’s say the guy took a different approach. He pushed himself hard in the first year. He saw that the business had some potential and the market was growing. So even though the business seemed slow he kept pushing on. In the second year he still kept pushing on. By the third he was doing good enough. In the meanwhile he continued to gain new knowledge about his business which made him attract bigger clients. By the end of 5 years he becomes a reasonably well known name in the industry and an industry leader in ten years Same situation, but because one person is determined to finish what he starts, he reaps the true benefits out of it.

Now I am not saying that just because you never give up and finish what you start you will always have a fairytale ending like the story above but you will certainly accomplish much more than you would if you become a professional serial quitter.

7. Give up the wrong stuff!

The seventh commandment of success is giving up the wrong stuff. You might think the above statement is odd, after all everyone tells you to never give up right? No matter what happens? And guess what in most cases it is true, you should not give up. However there are situations when you should give up.

If you are not good at what you do and no matter how hard you practise you remain mediocre at best, you should give it up at least as a possible career.

If you have the wrong habits that are slowly killing you mentally and physically you should give up. This includes smoking, drinking but can be anything that has an addictive but destructive influence on you.

If you are around the wrong kinds of people, you should give them up. Toxic people will fill your life with toxicity. Be around positive people.


8) Take decisions!

Indecision is the worst decision. The habit of taking decisions is the eighth commandment of success. We often put off everything and get stuck in analysis paralysis. We don’t want to be wrong but in the process of never wanting to be wrong, we ensure that we are never right either.

How often has it happened that you are presented with something and you just sit on it forever without taking an action. Then by the time you are ready that opportunity has long passed.

There is nothing wrong with analysing the pros and cons of a situation and then coming up with an objective answer. If you want to analyse, fine do it. Go do the research, ask people about it and gather enough information on it, But for god’s sake don’t just sit.If its a no, say no. If it is a yes, say yes. If you keep the other person or opportunity waiting it is sure to move on to someone else.

Think before you leap but don’t think too much or you will never leap.

9) Adapt!

Buddha said that there is nothing that is permanent in the world, the only thing that is permanent is change. If you want to have a sustained degree of success across your lifetime in various areas of life, you will have to change according to the situation presented and do what is most appropriate at that moment keeping the future in mind. The habit of adapting is one of the most important commandments of success.

There have been countless examples of people and companies who used to be successful but refused to change with time and suffered greatly as a result. When Apple came out with their iPhone, Nokia thought smartphones were just a fad and their “loyal customers” would continue to stick by them. Well there is no such thing as customer loyalty in business, only customer value. When the value given by someone else is more, people switch. Had Nokia adapted according to the new trends it would still be the force it once was.

So remember, if you don’t adapt you die. Darwin talked about the survival of the fittest, and the fittest are not always the ones who are the strongest but those who are the most adaptable under any circumstances.


10) Choose consciously!

The tenth and final commandment of success is to choose consciously. As humans we have been gifted with an amazing quality that no other animal has, which is to override our instincts and mentally make the conscious choice to do or not do something.  Success is all about choices. Each day a better thought has to win over a weaker thought. The sad part is that despite being gifted with this power, most of us still life instinctively. We do things when we feel like it, we eat things we know are going to be harmful to our body, we do things we know we are going to regret in the future, because our primitive brain exerts such a strong influence. If you want to succeed you will have to learn how to tap the power of conscious choice and pro actively do things that you may not want to do now but you know are the right thing to do.

If you want to be fit you will have to exercise even when you don’t feel like it. If you want to be healthy you will have avoid eating unhealthy things even when you want to. If you want to succeed you will have to work hard even at times when you don’t want to. Conscious Choice is what separates us from animals and those who realize their greatest potential as humans are the ones who have become the master of their own minds. If you want to succeed, master your own instincts and exercise conscious choice.



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