Why Criticism Is Important And Will Help You Succeed

Why Criticism Is Important And Will Help You Succeed
Why Criticism Is Important And Will Help You Succeed

By Anubhav Srivastava (Register For His Workshop – Super Confidence For Super Success !)

The fact that Criticism is Important for success may appear surprising. Nobody likes to be made to feel like they are being judged, nobody likes to be made to feel like they are doing the wrong thing, nobody wants to feel “not good enough.”

Criticism is almost universally seen as something negative. But what if I told you that it has an amazing positive power if you see it with the right perspective. This holds not only true for “constructive” forms of criticism but even downright mean spirited attacks!  Read this article and you will learn how you can become immensely successful as a result of criticism, Let’s list The Seven Reasons Why Criticism is Important and  will help you succeed!


1) Criticism is important because it helps you improve and stay humble.

Let’s get real, even if you are really good at what you do, there is usually someone better. Even if you are the best today, you can’t remain the best forever. Criticism will help you stay grounded and help you examine your weaknesses. If you can look objectively at the criticism you can identify the faults you have and correct them as soon as you can. So you can either reach the top the fastest you can.

The most important thing to remember is to never take criticism personally or emotionally. Always use criticism as a tool to objectively assess the situation and improve.
Valid criticism gives you a reality check and makes you stop living in a dream world. It tells you where you are going wrong and what you need to do if you are serious about doing whatever you wish to do.

2) Criticism is important because it encourages you to think differently.

What does a critic do? He or she offers you an opposing point of view. The negative side of it is that this can shatter self confidence in people who have low self esteem. But those who can rise above taking criticism personally would find that having someone who offers a different point of view than their own, helps to expand their thinking and offers them new perspectives that would not have considered initially. Having a critic close to you is much better than having a flatterer even though the flatterer strokes the ego better.


3) Criticism is important because it presents to you an opportunity to hone your people skills

How you navigate your way around people and how well you are able to influence them, both as a group and on an individual level will play a tremendous role in how high you eventually rise up in life. When someone criticises you, the way you react will play a huge role in what opinion the same person forms of you next or what opinion other observers form of you, if that criticism is public.

You can either get defensive, argue with them in public and make yourself look stupid or you can react to it in a dignified manner. Then you  can either make the suggested improvements or continue to act in a way that is true to your core values without attacking the other person back. In fact you can also try to influence them agree to your point of view without attacking them.

Whether you make the changes or not a negative reaction may make a minor critic a major one. On the other hand an appropriate response may even make him or her your foe turned admirer. You may choose to have an honest, dignified, conversation offering your point of view. It will also leave a lasting impression in front of others because they will remember how you reacted. In the long run, the way you are able to deal with these critics is going to play a crucial role in helping you acquire the people skills you may need to succeed in life.

4) Criticism is important because it helps you bond better, if the critic is well meaning.

People are excessively polite may seem nice to hang out with but at the same time you can never be extremely close to someone who is not honest with you and would rather bottle up everything inside them. At some level there is always going to be some distance between you and them. Blunt people who can criticise you may seem rude in the beginning but if they actually do care for you and you take their words or advice with the right open minded attitude, you will learn to appreciate them and value them tremendously. The critic will also see you as a friend with whom they can be totally honest and honesty is what fosters genuine relationships of any sorts. The more honest you can learn to be with each other and the more you and they are willing to embrace an open minded attitude, the closer your bond will become.


5) Criticism is important because it  presents you with an opportunity to practice Forgiveness

When someone launches a mean attack on you the first instinct is to attack back or to hold a great grudge. However in the long run holding a grudge is actually more harmful to you than anyone else. The critic just said what they had to and moves on but you continue to poison yourself by holding that grudge. Forgiveness doesn’t always mean you become best friends with your critic, it just means you refuse to let them become a negative energy in your mind through the hate you harbor for them. Criticism gives you a great opportunity to practice forgiveness and become a more evolved human being in the process.

6) Criticism is important because it gives you an opportunity to practice Free Will

Free will is all about taking a conscious proactive choice to do something instead of  reacting emotionally and hastily. Free will is taking control and becoming a master of your mind and emotions instead of being a slave to them. If you wish to make any sort of progress in your life, whether material or spiritual you need to learn cultivate the practice of free will or conscious choice. Criticism gives you the perfect opportunity to do so. When attacked, the emotional side of may just want to punch the critic and knock them out 🙂 but you know it only makes you look bad! Taking a proactive choice to let go of what has been said is a much more useful option in the long run. Use criticism as a trigger to practice free will and become a master of your own mind.


7) Criticism is important because it gives you the determination to prove your worth

Some of the greatest accomplishments have been made as a result of motivation that comes from criticism or haters. How often has it happened that you are lazy and demotivated towards what you want to accomplish, but the moment someone attacks you it fills you with extreme determination to achieve your goals? When people tell you that you are no good or cannot do something, it knocks you off your feet and gives you a new challenge. It forces you stretch your limits and vow to prove your critics wrong. In the process you become so unbelievably focused on your goal that you achieve far bigger things than you would have ever achieved if there was no one to that tried to attack, belittle and humiliate you. Losers give up when someone belittles them, Winners use the same attack as a fuel to work harder than ever, achieve their biggest dreams, and fulfill their true potential.

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