Imagine your organization as a chariot. You are the charioteer and people under you are like horses. What would happen if 4 out of those 5 horses were just not driven or skilled enough  to run at the speed you want them to. Would you achieve your objectives and win the war? Probably not

Your organization is the same. Without crucial skill and mindset training (which has to be consistent) your team will not just be able to compete against those who are better trained. Sooner or later this will greatly impact your profits, if not during an economic boom then certainly when times are tougher.

Having a well prepared, skilled team with the right mindset is extremely important for sustained success of any kind. Here is where I can help. Here is where I can help you. This email will be quite detailed but if training your people to be the best appeals to you, this is going to be extremely useful.

My name is Anubhav Srivastava and for the first time I am going to be sharing a DETAILED breakdown of all my programs that can help you train your people to the best they can be. All these programs can be done online or in person depending on your requirements.

BUT, Before I share the details, here is my short profile.

–Trained people from over 70 organizations and 20 Industries

– Participants ranging from the top management of public companies right down to middle management, new recruits and students.

-The ONLY professional speaker to also be the producer/director of a feature length inspirational movie.  I created one of the top ranked Inspirational Movies On Youtube worldwide, Carve Your Destiny, having more than 2 million views

-Featured several times in India’s Media and also on BBC Radio

– Written for top Business Magazines and Websites

-Blog featured as one of the top 100 Productivity Blogs in The World By

For complete details on my client list, media coverage, photographs and videos from programs, testimonials and other credentials please visit . As the link is media heavy, please allow it some time to load.

Now, without further ado, here is a detailed breakdown of what I cover in the programs I conduct.

Super Productivity For Super Success: To Improve Your Employees’ Performance At Work
Why should you care about improving your performance at work
Why and How you can get super wealthy even as an employee
The killer instinct that takes your performance at work and your career to the next level.
How to make the most profitable use of your time
How To Beat Deadlines Every Single Time
How To Develop The Will to Prepare To Win
How to Be High Performing Employee and Still Have Work Life Balance
The Absolute Easiest Way to improve your performance at work
A Secret Strategy Used By The Most Successful People To Hugely Boost Performance
A Powerful Method That Will Make You Extremely Focused
How to Maximize the Return On Your Hard Work
How To Develop The Right Environment For Success
Long Term Strategies To Become a Consistent Super PerformerHow to Communicate to Become Great.   I will be sharing some extreme confidence building and communication skills that will be tremendously useful to your employees and will in turn can be of great value for your business. It maybe useful to people from your organization who handle business development/sales/handle customer care as it will help display a much stronger sense of conviction during their dealings with the client and this will positively impact customer experience and thus revenue. It will also be useful in communication within teams as well;

This workshop focuses on interpersonal communication skills.
How to Create A Great First impression
Why Questions are the key to proper communication
How to listen actively
Why Companies lose customers
How to show empathy
Making customers feel great using the power of reflective communication
How to handle conflict in communication
How to run effective meetings
Barriers to positive communication with the customer and how to deal with them
Delivering negative news in the right way
How to handle complaints the right way
How to be assertive without being aggressive
Things to avoid saying during communication
How to deal with an angry customer/co-worker
How to Communicate Effectively in Person
How to Communicate Well via Email
How To Communicate effectively via Phone
Effective Strategies To Build Confidence during communication

How to Carve Your Destiny: The Psychology of Super Achievers – To present to people how they can achieve super success in their field. Based on the principles of greatness as shared by the 20 celebrities I interviewed for the documentary Carve Your Destiny which has been seen by over 1.6 million people online.

Why many hard working people do not succeed
The most important mindset shift that will dictate your future
How to Be Lucky
How to Succeed at any Age
How to Stay Motivated When You Don’t See Results
The Power of Belief and How to Acquire It.
The Power of Overcoming Criticism and Strategies to Do The Same.
The Power of Building Discipline and the steps to do so.
The Power of Rising Above Excuses
The Power of Goal Setting
The Power of Passion
The Power of Persistence
The Power Of Commitment
The Power of Massive Action
The Tenth Secret

How To Be A Master Negotiator– To make sure participants understand the basics of negotiation and get the best possible deals when negotiating on  behalf of the company.

Why Negotiation is one of the most important skills you will ever learn
When should you bother negotiating and when you shouldn’t
The strongest negotiating position to be in
Understanding your opponent
How to resolve conflicts..
How speed up a negotiation and get to the outcome faster
The 80/20 rule in a negotiation
The ideal type of agreement for recurring deals
The one thing that shifts power in a deal
Understanding BATNA – Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement
The easiest way to know your BATNA and how to figure out the other person’s BATNA
How to never be desperate during a negotiation
Things to never do during negotiating.
Psychological tricks to turn the negotiation in your favor

A Healthy Mind For Super Success. – This workshop focuses on how participants can maintain or improve their psychological well being to ensure they stay motivated at work.

How to beat fear
How to tackle Depression Naturally
How to Beat Anxiety
How to Overcome Anger
Simple Ways to Beat Stress
How to deal with guilt
How to deal with grief and loss
How to deal with jealousy
What to do if you dislike your life
How to deal with people who use you
How to stop taking things personally
How to retain confidence in a negative environment
10 quick ways to build mental strength
How to Build Rock Solid Positive Habits and get rid of negative ones
How to deal with criticism constructively
How to have a better work-life balance
How to relax when you have a super busy life
How to get good sleep

Super Leadership For Super Success ( For mid to top management on developing a positive organizational culture)
The  key traits of great leaders
How to inculcate the same leadership skills within you
How to Constantly Innovate in Your Industry
How to acquire the right employees
How to give rewards and recognition that motivates the employees to perform better.
How to set the right examples for employees
How to set an organisational culture with a set of values that are followed
How to increasing trust between employees and the top management
Encouraging creativity in employees
Encouraging innovation in employees
Nurturing employees to become effective decision makers to make them feel more valued and saving time for top management on smaller decisions.
Providing employees with the tools and making them competent to complete tasks efficiently
How to invest in the development and growth of the employees effectively
How to lead the employees during organizational expansion and show them how they can benefit from it.
Making employees become highly committed to the organization.
Encouraging employees to spread a positive word about the organization and recommending it others to join the organization.
Teaching them why and how to go the extra mile.
Teaching them how to be passionate about their work and find meaning in it.
Encouraging employees to be comfortable to speak up about their concerns
Teaching them how to work with their team members effectively, even in difficult situations.
How to kill monotony in the workplace for employees.
Teaching employees how and why to take independent initiative and how it benefits them.

Building a dream team program
Here is what Participants will learn in this program
They will understand the key characteristics of teams that become effective at achieving goals quickly.
They will understand the stages of team development so that they know what to focus on first and how teams tend to progress.
How differences between individuals can lead to the building of strong teams.
How to communicate properly within the team.
How to see a significant increase in open communication and a decrease in interpersonal conflict
How to Have a greater sense of trust and respect for other participants
How to manage conflict within the team
How to spot and solve dysfunction in team
How to run effective meetings
Building a vision of a high performing team.
Understand the most effective behaviors and principles to improve the performance of the team.
How to measure and monitor progress towards the collective achievement of the goals of the team.

Super Sales For Super Success – Sales fuel an organization’s revenue. Sales make sure a business stays in business and continues to grow. This workshop will have a very direct impact on revenue if implemented well.

The potential results of this program are:

A sustained change in extremely powerful, high margin selling skills that will bring in a lot more revenue.

While old school sales skills are important to learn as a basic foundation, high margin selling requires a completely different sort of mindset, which many times maybe completely contradictory to old school selling techniques.

By the end of the program, the participants will come across as expert consultants rather than pushy stereotypical salespeople to prospective clients. People are much more likely to buy at high prices from those they perceive as expert consultants than those with the stereotypical “credit card” salesman approach.

Areas covered –
Why Selling is the only way to become Rich
The basics of Selling and Prospecting
How to uncover a customer’s needs
A simple way to build your Sales Database
How to Fill Your Pipeline without relying on advertising
Why Selling is a numbers game
The importance of Asking The Right Questions
The 80/20 rule in A Sales Conversation
How to differentiate your product from the competition
How to make the customer care about what you have to sell
The most important thing you need to do to make a sale easy.
They will learn how to reach top decision makers in the company
They will learn how to identify and expand into new, high profit markets.
They will learn how to build trust and value.
They will learn how to qualify much better so that their time is  used much more efficiently.
How to command higher prices
How to Sell Bigger Lucrative Contracts.
How to shorten the sales cycle
How to greatly increase chances of closing the right deals
Extremely powerful negotiation strategies
How to build trust with clients
How to Follow Up the right way
How to squeeze the most out of every lead.
How to handle Customer Objections
How to Upsell and Cross sell once you have closed the deal
How to get referrals
Getting more business from existing clients.
Why commitment is the only way to Sales Success
The qualities of a great sales person
How to stay motivated when you don’t see results.
The Daily Schedule of a Professional
High detailed and systematized goal setting strategy to consistently hit sales targets.

As mentioned all these programs can be done online or In Person depending on your requirements. 

An In Person program is my first recommendation as it will give participants the opportunity to have a live, hands on experience in learning.

An Online Program will have the same content, but will be pre-recorded, although additional consulting and progress measurement are optional add ons.  An online program is recommended when an  in person program is infeasible  due to time or distance constraints. 

As mentioned before, complete details on my client list, media coverage, photographs and videos from programs, testimonials and other credentials please visit . As the link is media heavy, please allow it some time to load.

Please note, I only work with organizations who are committed to change and are aligned with what I have to offer. I do not work with organizations who are only looking for a low price without any consideration for the value offered.

However, if you are the kind for whom the value delivered, the change brought about in participants, and the long term impact on revenue is what matters the most, it’s time we get in touch! You may reach out at +919868889977 or .