ANY Business Owner Can Positively Impact Their Business Success Through My Consulting Arrangement Because It Teaches You Everything You Need To Improve Your Profitability!

Does any of this resonate with you?

Your team is working hard but they could be much more productive
You have an okay turnover but your sales and profit margins could be much better
Leaders need better leadership and managerial skills in order to lead the team in the new economic environment
A lack of physical marketing opportunities is making business slower and you need to adopt a high ROI digital marketing strategy for current times.
You are looking to explore new products/services that will be profitable  in the current market

If you said yes to any of the above, keep reading!  I, Anubhav Srivastava, am a speaker and consultant ( ) who focuses on helping companies become more profitable. I have come up with a cost effective consulting solution that will  greatly help your team with many of these issues that directly/indirectly  improve profitability.

 My usual charges for  One Time Training and Consulting Projects run into LAKHS OF RUPEES or MULTIPLE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.
But what if you would like consulting access to me for a much longer duration at a much cheaper price?
For the first time, I am introducing ONLINE CONSULTING SUBSCRIPTIONS that will give you exactly that!
For a mere 399 US Dollars per month (Around Indian Rs. 29900 per month) you can have me on board as a consultant for your organization.  This is a recurring charge and will be billed automatically every month. You can cancel anytime .
Think of it as a highly cost effective retainer
I will be available to answer all your Business Queries Related to Strategy, Sales, Negotiation, Email marketing, Leadership, Teamwork, Productivity, Employee Motivation, Communication and Stress Management.
The above is an introductory price which WILL RISE in the future. However, if you begin your subscription now and do not Cancel, you will have the opportunity to get continuous access to me for consulting, when needed, at this price even when the price is higher for new entrants.
Frequently Asked Questions
Will I have personal access to your advice during consultations?
Absolutely!  This is not a pre-recorded training or consulting program.  However, as the scale of this subscription increases, another highly qualified coach may also come on board to give you guidance. In the short term though, I personally will be advising you, which is why it is best you get this subscription as soon as possible as right now you will get the lowest introductory price and the maximum consulting access to me!
How many people in my company can get coaching/consulting in the subscription?
This is limited to one person  or point of contact per organization.  However it is transferable to another person as long as that person becomes the new single point of contact. If there are multiple people in your organization who need to get consulting simultaneously, I recommend you get subscriptions for multiple people.
Is there a limit to the number of hours of consulting access we get?
Firstly, I would implore you to consider the goal of consulting to be getting to a solution as quickly as possible instead of just engaging in endless back and forth conversations which waste your valuable business hours.  Perhaps the advice you need can be given in a two hours conversation and then you can quickly get going and lead your business in the direction you need.
 Nevertheless a  fair use limit of consultation access is capped at a maximum of 8 hours/8 Questions Answered On Email  per month per single user subscription.
What If I don’t reach out for consulting every month?
As Mentioned, this is a retainer. You will be billed regardless of whether you ask for consulting that month or not and unused hours WILL NOT be transferable to the next month. What you are paying for is a guarantee of access for business consultation, as and when the need arises for you at a much lower price per month compared to my usual coaching/consulting charges AS LONG as you stay subscribed.
Can I get a training program if I don’t ask for consulting that month?
Yes, online consulting can be replaced with a training program. The training hours would count towards your allotted 8 consulting hours for that month.  The training program will ONLY be done online and if you don’t go for a training program that month, the hours are NOT transferable to the next month. My one off training programs cost a lot more money so it could be a good idea to conduct them online under subscriptions.
What is your response time?
My usual response time is 48 hours. In circumstances such as emergencies, pre-existing commitments etc. the response time will be higher, but I will get back to you and address your query in detail and to your satisfaction
What Is The Mode of Contact
Consulting Will Be Provided Online Via Emails or Scheduled Calls.
Can I Cancel Anytime Without Any Penalty Or Notice?
Yes you can. But if you resubscribe in the future, you will be treated as a new entrant and the price maybe be higher. If you stay subscribed, you will only pay the introductory lowest price as long as you stay subscribed even if the price is now higher for others.
What if I miss a payment?
If you miss a payment, your consulting access will be halted for that month. If you miss another month, your subscription will be cancelled. You may sign up again in the future at a new higher price that new subscribers are paying.
Is this Refundable?
Money once paid is NON refundable.  The only exception is if there are circumstances where I cannot deliver the services only due to my faults or issues at my end. In those cases I may refund your money FOR THAT MONTH as I value long term associations. You may also easily opt out of future billings by cancelling any time on your own or by contacting me.
Why should I Trust You With My Money
I have been in this business for several years and worked with several major corporate clients. One can simply not stay in business for long if they don’t give value for money to their clients. You may take a look at my complete credentials and customer testimonials at . As the link is media heavy, allow it some time to load.
How Do I Get Started?
Contact me and I will send you a secure payment gateway link.  A Valid credit card is required for these recurring transactions.
If you are ready, contact me NOW! You can do so by  emailing . You can also contact me at +91 9868889977. Let’s get this started!