TemplateMonster Gives Costly Prizes For Your Social Media Activity.






Hey, guys, it’s not a joke, TemplateMonster.com really gives prizes to social media fans, who like to communicate and share interesting content there. One of the reputable web development companies carries out a ‘Social Stock’ contest and you can take part in it. We don’t think that there is at least a single person among people, who are reading this message now, which has no account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram or any other popular social network. This means that everybody can take part in the contest and win.


What can you win?


A Selfie stick, iPod Shuffle 2GB, $100 on PayPal, Smartwatch Pebble, iPad mini, iPhone 6, Canon EOS 6D, MacBook Pro, Harley-Davidson Street or Tesla Model S. We are serious. TemplateMonster is a solid web design company with 13 years of successful business history, so they can afford to carry out suck kind of promos.



And here comes the most interesting part of the article. What should you do to get one or several of the promised prizes?


You will be surprised, as the company doesn’t want to burden you with anything time or effort-consuming. All you need to do is give 10% promo code on all TemplateMonster’s products to your friends who are thinking about building up a website for their business. You’ll see that your friends will appreciate this small present as it will not only save them some money on website design, but speed up the process of its launch and result in increased conversion in the end.


Let us clarify the whole process a little bit for you. Supposing, you decided to participate in ‘Social Stock’. We advise you to visit the following link


Here you will find all necessary information on the contest, including video, steps you should take to participate, FAQ, information about the tools aimed to help you, prizes details, check out the list of leaders, and pass the registration process.


However, we will briefly cover the contest rules right now. See how simple they are.




  1. Apply for registration in the contest.


  1. Get a 10% unique promo-code for all TemplateMonster’s products.


  1. Share it with your friends.


  1. Check how many times it has been used and choose the prizes accordingly.


  1. Enjoy the prizes and the fact that you’ve helped your friends to start their own website.


And don’t forget that TemplateMonster will supply you with memes for social networks, text messages, and different samples of ready-made messages and quick solution of sending the promo-code to the entire contact list at once. This will simplify the process of collecting points necessary to claim for your prize. Each purchase made with your unique promo code will bring you a point.


We guess there’re enough words. Have you chosen the prize you are dreaming of yet? Are you ready to register for the contest and win it? Then we wish you a stroke of luck!



This is a sponsored post for TemplateMonster.com